September 2015 PR Board

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IMG_0588Aaron B.

    • clean & jerk 222
    • snatch 160

Anish S.

    • back squat 225
    • clean & jerk 155
    • snatch 115

Ariel H.

    • front squat 155

Ben C.

    • clean & jerk 195
    • unbroken double-unders 35

Billy B.

    • clean & jerk 205

Brent H.

    • back squat 265

Brian M.

    • back squat 155

Cara F.

    • deadlift 215

Carl H.

    • snatch 155

Chad S.

    • back squat 195
    • snatch 110

Colleen O.

    • back squat 125

Collett H.

    • front squat 175

Dan S.

    • back squat 270
    • front squat 235
    • snatch 115

Drew G.

    • back squat 345

Emily O.

    • clean & jerk 115

Frances P.

    • back squat 165
    • front squat 147
    • unbroken strict pull-ups 2

Guillaume F.

    • back squat 325

Jade W.

    • back squat 135

Jake S.

    • back squat 235
    • clean & jerk 155

Jamie S.

    • back squat 110

Jenny L.

    • deadlift 185
    • power snatch 85

Jenny S.

    • snatch 75

Jessica M.

    • back squat 150

Jess S.

    • back squat 135
    • deadlift 175
    • first Rx workout
    • snatch 70

Kate G.

    • clean & jerk 190

Kate T.

    • back squat 105
    • clean & jerk 60

Kyle H.

    • deadlift 422

Lauren W.

    • deadlift 255
    • snatch 100

Matt B.

    • snatch 150

Natalie R.

    • power clean 155

Paul S.

    • back squat 280
    • push press 175

Quinton S.

    • back squat 230
    • deadlift 255
    • front squat 195
    • snatch 105
    • unbroken double-unders 15

Sarita P.

    • clean & jerk 95
    • deadlift 205

Staci B.

    • deadlift 215


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6 rounds (untimed)

    • 4-6+ strict chin-ups
    • 4-6+ strict ring dips(/push-ups)

– adjust scales as necessary to achieve the desired number of repetitions

– record the scales used in your training journal



16 min. AMRAP

    • 200m row/run
    • 20 ab-mat sit-ups
    • 20 kettlebell swings (53/35)
    • 20 walking lunges

October-December 2015 Programming

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201510 Programming PreviewBeginning this week, we’ll be starting a new strength and conditioning program which will take us through the end of the year. There will be a few new aspects to this round of programming (at a macro or weekly/monthly level, some different exercises, etc.) as well as many of the similar things which are the cornerstones of all robust strength programs (squats, pulls, S2OHs/handstands, pull-ups, push-ups, dips, etc.).


Without getting into too much detail (we can’t give away all the secrets up-front!), the above is the plan for the next few months. Holidays have not been taken into account and the set/rep schemes have not been included (obviously, but they have been figured out already) but the macro plan is as follows:

    • three weeks for a volume phase for barbell lifts and a gymnastic skill/strength building
    • one week for deloading/no squatting for recovery and adaptation
    • three weeks for an intensification/strength phase for barbell lifts and increased gymnastic strength building
    • one week for deloading/no squatting for recovery and adaptation
    • two weeks for testing of some of the major lifts
    • one week for deloading and priming for testing the Olympic lifts
    • one week for testing the Olympic lifts and recovery
    • one week for deloading and prepping for repeating the cycle


At a micro/weekly/daily level, expect to see squats, pulls, S2OHs/handstands, and pull-ups at least twice per week whether it be in the strength or conditioning portions of our daily workouts. Other movements will be repeated as necessary based on that week, the previous week, and the upcoming week. On top of that, we’ll continue to prevent the same movements being used on the same day from week to week to keep those on a consistent workout schedule from seeing the same movements each time they come in. Additionally, short, medium, and long duration metcons will be varied throughout the week. For example, below is this week’s schedule so that you can see how it all fits together in a sample week:

20151005 Week Programming PreviewThe first set of strength rep schemes are for those who are fairly new to the program and do not have 1 RMs yet. The second row is for those who do. If there is only one, everyone performs that and scales appropriately. Short, medium, and long metcon durations are spread throughout the week and are also based on the volume and intensity of the strength training performed throughout the week. (The fact that four AMRAPs are programmed back-to-back is purely coincidental but it does control the duration. The combination of rep schemes, movements, and weights control the total possible volume as well.) Finally, some days may emphasize a set or combination of similar movements (for instance, Wednesday is heavy on pulling and posterior chain) while other days may provide a more complimentary set of movements (Tuesday, for example, employs a more balanced group of antagonistic movements). Both are necessary for the training process and will be seen throughout our programming. Regardless, no matter which days you attend class, you’ll still get some really great workouts in.


Moving forward, continue to expect to see the week’s strength programming posted on Sundays. If you have any questions regarding which days you think you should plan on attending each week to address your goals, please let us know!




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back squat


    • 1×6 @ 70% 1 RM
    • 1×6 @ 75% 1 RM
    • 2×6 @ 80% 1 RM

– if you do not have a current 1 RM, work up to a heavy set of 6 and repeat

– record the weights used in your training journal

front-rack hold

3×10 seconds



4 rounds (10 min. cap – see how far you can get in 10 min.)

    • 50 double-unders (scale: 1 min. double-under attempts in round 1, 50 mountain climbers each round thereafter)
    • 10 push presses (135/95 or <65% 1 RM push press)

– select a weight which you can perform all 10 push presses unbroken in at least the first two rounds

– lower your barbell to the ground

– review Scaling Options


1. 3 drills of your choice

2. 4×90 second cadence of 101-102 bpm (or 202-204 steps per minute)

– Rest two minutes between each interval. During this rest time, do a drill of your choice on an area that needs attention.

3. 1×6 minutes at 93-95 (186-190) cadence

Main Set:

5 rounds

    • 600m run
    • 1 minute AMRAP single-unders
    • 3 minute recovery

Note: Bring jump rope, stopwatch, and your smart phone with a metronome app. Coach Aaron have one spare of each in the event you don’t have one of these items.


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Olympic Weightlifting: 10:00 – 11:30 am

Open Gym: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

FREE Trial CrossFit Class: 11:30 am – 12:15 pm

Strength programming for the week of 10/5/15 – 10/10/15:

Monday 10/5/15

back squat

        • 4×6 @ 65, 70, 75, 80% 1 RM

front-rack holds

        • 3×10 seconds @ heaviest back squat weight

Tuesday 10/6/15


        • 6 rounds (untimed): 4-6+ strict chin-ups 4-6+ strict ring dips

Wednesday 10/7/15


        • 10 min. EMOM: 3 power snatches @ 80-85% 1 RM power snatch or 72.5-77.5% 1 RM snatch

Thursday 10/8/15

metcon only

Friday 10/9/15


        • 5×5 (build up to a heavy set of 5 and repeat)

bent-over row

        • 5×5 (build up to a heavy set of 5 and repeat)

Saturday 10/10/15

Trodo Open 10.2015


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6 rounds with a partner

    • 12 deadlifts (155/105)*
    • 9 hang power cleans (155/105)*
    • 6 push jerks (155/105)*
    • 400m run

*same weight

– partners alternate rounds (3 rounds apiece)

DSCF Co-Ed Flag Football Team Falls to 0-2

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IMG_6616.JPG“Despite being the better and more honest team, d street fell to 0-2 with a 13-12 loss. DSCF was outnumbered and outrun – but Drew’s magic hands kept the team in it until the last down. Also, the picture was taken in a sandstorm – sorry we all can’t be beautiful all the time.”

– Allison D.


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20 min. AMRAP

    • “max” unbroken kettlebell swings (70/53)
    • ball slams (20/14)

– perform half as many ball slams as kettlebell swings after each set

– 200m “run” after every couplet

– begin with 200m “run”

– use this workout as a recovery workout, working at ~70% intensity

New Division St. CrossFit Gear In Stock (including extra White Lightning Gun Show T-Shirts!)

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IMG_6612.JPGOur brand new Division St. CrossFit gear has finally arrived!

….and we’ve got extras!


If you pre-ordered either a White Lightning Gun Show t-shirt, Division St. CrossFit t-shirt, or tank top, expect an email later today reminding you to pick yours up. Each garment is $30, regardless of pre-ordering or not, but please bring cash until we have a chance to enter the new apparel into our system.


The extra shirts and tanks are limited in supply – so first come, first served!


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Get your PRs on the September 2015 PR Board TODAY before it gets wiped down tomorrow!


    • DSCF Co-Ed Flag Football plays at 9:30 pm on Field #2. Good luck team!
    • Put your name on the board and participate in the next Trodo Open 10.2015 on October 10!


10-15 min. of muscle-up transition practice



3 rounds

    • 50 double-unders (scale: 1 min. double-under attempts in round 1, 100 single-unders in round 2 & 3)
    • 30 wall balls (20/14)
    • 10 muscle-ups (scale: 10 pull-ups+ring dips/push-ups)
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