2015 Summer Event Schedule

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2015 Summer Event ScheduleWe’re happy to announce the upcoming 2015 Summer Event Schedule at Division St. CrossFit!


This is a preliminary view of the coming Summer months and what we’re hoping to squeeze in. Some events are not yet set in stone so check out the initial details below and wait for each event’s official announcement as the dates draw near:

Friday, May 1 – Chicago Metro Friday Night Lights

A monthly city-wide community event centered around friendly competition and filled with a ton of community fun hosted by a different gym on the first Friday of each month!

Saturday, May 2 – Trodo Games 5.2015

Be there to support your fellow athletes competing starting at 11 am at CrossFit Illumine. If you contributed to our FIRST PLACE finish in the previous Trodo Games, be there to help accept our award!

Saturday, May 9 – Informal Grill and Hangout Sesh

BYO meat, beer, snacks, desserts, dogs, etc. to our first grilling session of the summer right after morning classes wrap up at 11 am!

Saturday, May 16 & Sunday, May 17 – Galt Games 2015

Participate in or simply support your fellow Division St. CrossFit athletes competing at the 2015 Galt Games at Atlas CrossFit.

Monday, May 25 – Memorial Day Meats & Metal

This second annual event features the CrossFit Total, meats, and plenty of metal (both physical and musical) beginning at 11 am on this fine American holiday.

Thursday, May 28 – First DSCF Summer Co-Ed Beach Volleyball match

Playing Thursday nights at either 6:30 or 7:30 pm, the DSCF Summer Co-Ed Beach Volleyball team will be tearing up North Avenue Beach followed by beverages at our sponsor’s bar, FatPour!

Friday, May 29 through Sunday, May 31 – Do Division Street Fest

No true plans here except that we will likely allow the gym to be a hangout, grilling station, and safe haven for all of our members throughout Saturday’s festivities. Stop by!

Friday, June 5 – DSCF Friday Night Lights Trodo Open 6.2015

Due to the following morning’s Murph event, we’ll be hosting our own Friday Night Lights event for the next Trodo Open 6.2015!

Saturday, June 6 – Murph Day 2015

Windy City CrossFit will be hosting their annual event once again featuring beloved “Murph”. Last year we brought an incredible group so let’s look to repeat this year!

Saturday, June 13 (or possibly Saturday, July 25) – Beach Outing

No working out here! Just sun, outdoor activities, and cool beverages to enjoy a summer day at the beach. Scheduled date subject to change depending on the weather.

Saturday, June 20 – Granite Games Week 1 Workout

Saturday morning workouts for four weeks will feature the workouts from the Granite Games qualifiers. Whether or not you decide to get involved in the Granite Games themselves, this will be an excellent time to test your mettle and work hard with your fellow gym mates. Should be a great time!

Saturday, July 4 – Fourth of July BBQ

Regular 8 and 9 am classes will be followed by a red, white, and blue workout at 10 am. After time is called, we’ll light up the grill and celebrate U-S-A! (No fireworks allowed.)

Friday, July 10 – DSCF Friday Night Lights Granite Games Week 4 Workout

Due to the next day’s Trodo Games 7.2015 event, we’ll be hosting another special edition of Friday Night Lights for the final Granite Games qualifier workout.

Saturday, Jully 11 – Trodo Games 7.2015

Hopefully we’ll be picking up another first place award at the next incarnation of the Trodo Games 7.2015!

Saturday, July 18 – Chicago White Sox Outing

The season has just begun but tensions have already been heating up between the White Sox and Kansas City Royals. Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, join us for a social outing at the Cell and watch these two teams square off in what we hope to be the heat of a pennant race!

Saturday, August 8 – Tandem Throwdown

A fun competition featuring teams of two (1 male and 1 female) takes place out in the ‘burbs. Grab a partner and do-si-do!

Saturday, August 22 – Trodo Open 8.2015

If you haven’t gotten involved in a Trodo event yet, here’s yet another chance to do so!

TBA – Cocktail Party

On a date to be announced, we’ll don our swankiest swag for a cocktail party at a pre-determined location!




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back squat

    • 5 RM (work in sets of 5 after 1 to 3 warm-up sets, using small jumps)


    • 5 RM (work in sets of 5 after 1 to 3 warm-up sets, using small jumps)



120 double-unders (or 3 min. ME DU attempts)

60 hang power snatches (75/55)

20 handstand push-ups

- 12 min. cap

Chicago Metro Friday Night Lights (Fri. 5/1)

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11155155_1008335469176954_1695395674407496685_oChicago Metro Friday Night Lights is a monthly city-wide community event centered around friendly competition and filled with a ton of community fun hosted by a different gym on the first Friday of each month!


All athletes from all area boxes are welcome and there is no cost or registration requirement. The host box determines the workout, the standards, and the rules which are all announced the night of the event. Since this is an event for athletes of all skill levels, the workout will be easily scaled so as to afford an appropriate challenge for all athletes. All athletes are encouraged to stay through the last heat and remain for post-workout socializing as well!


South Loop Strength and Conditioning will be hosting the first FNL event, Friday, May 1st at 7pm. Cinderella Paleo and SFH will be on site with free samples.


If you are unable to participate in Saturday’s Trodo Games but are looking to get your competitive/community fix, this is a great opportunity! Coaches Meg and Dan will be there so let them know if you plan on joining them!


Check out the Facebook event invite here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1665775150317809/


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clean & jerk

    • power clean + hang clean + power jerk 1 RM



2 rounds

8 min.

800m run


            • 15 power cleans (95/65)
            • 15 wall balls (20/14)

- rest 4 min. between rounds


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Yoga: canceled today

Open Gym: 11 am – 2 pm

FREE Trial CrossFit Class: 11:30 am – 12:15 pm

Strength programming for the week of 4/27/15 – 5/2/15:

Monday 4/27/15

clean & jerk

        • power clean + hang clean + power jerk 1 RM

Tuesday 4/28/15

back squat

        • 5 RM (work in sets of 5 after 1 to 3 warm-up sets, using small jumps)


        • 5 RM (work in sets of 5 after 1 to 3 warm-up sets, using small jumps)

Wednesday 4/29/15

metcon only

Thursday 4/30/15


        • 5 RM (work in sets of 5 after 1 to 3 warm-up sets, using small jumps)

Friday 5/1/15

front squat

        • 5×3 @ 80+% (building)

Saturday 5/2/15

metcon only


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w/ one partner working at a time, split however in order

200 double-unders

50 power cleans (135/85)

50 pull-ups

50 thrusters (95/65)

50 pull-ups

50 power cleans (135/85)

200 double-unders

VDL GrassFed Delivery (Sat. 5/9)

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VDLVDL GrassFed will be making a GrassFed Beef, Pastured Pork, and Pastured Chicken delivery to CrossFit gyms across Chicago on Saturday, May 9 (the very same day as our informal grill sesh – HOW CONVENIENT ;) ).


If you are interested in picking up affordable, naturally-raised meat, please place your order by the end of Tuesday, May 5.




Navigate to www.VDLGrassFed.com and click on “Online Store” in the upper-lefthand menu to be taken to the online ordering form. Product prices and descriptions can be found at the bottom of that page. Place your order there and include your email address. You will be sent an invoice via Quickbooks instead of through the online store.



Please read the notes at the top of the online ordering form, leave comments for your order as necessary, and put “Division St. CrossFit” as your Drop Off Location.


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turkish get-ups

    • 15 min. to work up to heaviest on each side

- pause for a FULL 2 seconds in each position before moving onto the next (do not sacrifice positions for speed!)




    • hang power snatches (75/55)
    • box jump step downs (24/20)
    • ab-mat sit-ups

2015 DSCF Summer Co-Ed Beach Volleyball

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Member Kate Galbraith posted the following regarding the upcoming 2015 Summer Co-Ed Volleyball season on the DSCF Members Only Forum on Facebook:

Hi everyone!

Summer is just around the corner (hopefully!) and that means time for fun in the sun! Since the DSCF Beach Volleyball Team had so much fun last year, we’re looking for players to join us for a league beginning May 28th. While some volleyball experience would be nice, anyone is welcome to join us! If you’re interested, please comment below with whether you want to be on the team (meaning you can commit to attending MOST games) or you’d like to be a sub (you can come to OCCASIONAL games). If you have questions, feel free to email me at kateclay.galbraith@gmail.com.


-Thursday evenings

-First game: May 28th

-6:30 and/or 7:30pm game times

-8 week season: 5/28, 6/4, 6/11, 6/18, 6/25, 7/2, 7/9, 7/16, 7/23, 7/30

-$650 total league fee (Per person fee TBD, anticipating this to be around $30 per person, depending on if Fat Pour sponsors us)

-Hopefully we’ll make some sweet team shirts this year!

This happened too:



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5 rounds

    • 200m run
    • 15 toes-to-bar
    • 10 push-ups
    • 5 deadlifts (275/185)

- rest 2 min. between rounds

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