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with a partner, one working at a time

8 200m runs or rows

30 hang power cleans (135/85)

8 200m runs or rows

30 hang cleans (135/85)

8 200m runs or rows

30 power cleans (135/85)

8 200m runs or rows

30 cleans (135/85)

- partners alternate 200m runs or rows until 8 are completed before moving onto 30 hang power cleans. 30 hang power cleans can be split anyway between partners but all 30 must be completed before beginning the next 8 200m runs/rows.

NEW Sweat-Activated Division St. CrossFit T-Shirts and Tank Tops

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sweatyboyz1Brand new Division St. CrossFit t-shirts and tank tops with SWEAT-ACTIVATED TECHNOLOGY are now

in stock and available for purchase!


The new apparel features the classic Division St. CrossFit logo across the chest along with smaller DSt. and Chicago flag logo accents. On the back of each t-shirt and tank top are the words:




which are only revealed when you sweat (see above photos)!


Pick up your t-shirt and tank top NOW for $30 apiece (your card on file will be charged). Items are on a first come, first serve basis so let your coach know what you want and it’s yours! Now let’s get SWEATY!!


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    • 1 RM

- compare to 2014.09.17 or 2014.09.12 or 2014.07.07



12 min. AMRAP

    • 200m run
    • 30 double-unders
    • ME handstand push-ups

- run 200m, complete 30 double-unders, then perform one max effort set of handstand push-ups. upon breaking the set of handstand push-ups, begin the 200m run again.

- score is total handstand push-ups.

RKC Workshop: Turkish Get-Up (Sat. 10/25)

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TGUFinalThe second installment of the RKC Workshop series is this Saturday, October 25 at 1 pm and covers the Turkish Get-Up.


If you are looking to improve your TGUs after last week’s work on Wednesday or just want to see why “The Turkish Get-Up is one of the best overall strength exercises, training shoulder stability, mobility, and total core strength”, then sign up now.


Contact Katie Petersen at petersenkatie1@gmail.com to register!


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back squat

    • 12×2 @ 65% 1 RM

- the focus on these squats is SPEED out of the bottom. if it helps to think of it in terms of tempo, take 1 to 3 seconds to lower the weight then explode out of the hole.

- other things to keep in mind:

- select a weight (+/-5%) which should allow you to maintain speed but is still heavy enough to be challenging

- try not to bottom-out – reverse direction at or just below parallel

- keep an upright torso

- rest 30 to 60 seconds between sets (if working with a partner, enough time to change weights and for them to get their work set in)



12 min. AMRAP

    • 1 pull-up
    • 1 box jump (24/20)
    • 2 pull-ups
    • 2 box jumps (24/20)
    • 3 pull-ups
    • 3 box jumps (24/20)
    •  etc.

3rd Annual Halloween WOD (Fri. 10/31)

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DSCF_blacklight2Next Friday on October 31st at 8 pm, we will be holding our 3rd Annual Halloween WOD!


In previous years, we’ve done costumed workouts….this year will be a little different in that we’ll be working out under BLACK LIGHTS! (Don’t worry though, to ensure the safety of our participants we won’t be using any equipment – just our own bodyweight.) So, come dressed in anything which will pop under the black lights – white, neon, black light body paint, whatever! Just come dressed to glow and be ready to go! Feel free to bring your favorite Halloween-themed beverages for hanging out afterward as well.


Register for this FREE event via MindBody when the class is available Saturday or RSVP to the Facebook invite (we’ll make sure to reserve you a spot).


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    • 1 RM

- compare to 2014.10.16 or 2014.08.18 or 2014.08.12



12 min. EMOM, 30s on/off

    • 1 power snatch + 1 TNG snatch @ 70% (+/-5%) 1 RM
    • ME burpees in remainder of 30 seconds



100 ab-mat sit-ups for time

- touch in front of your toes at the top

- everyone in class begins at the same time

Mid-American Weightlifting Championship Update: The Champ is BACK!

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IMG_4785Fresh off the heels of her victory at the Chicago Open, Coach Megan will be defending her title at the Mid-American Weightlifting Championship & DeGarmo Memorial this weekend!


Megan’s weight class competes this Saturday, October 25, weighing in at 8 am and lifting at 10 am. She’d love to have the support of her fellow friends and members if you’re able to make the trip out to see her! Details can be found at the link above.


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15 min. to accumulate

    • 30 muscle-ups/muscle-up practice (sub: 30 strict pull-ups, 30 strict ring dips)



3 rounds

    • 50 calorie row
    • 50 double-unders (sub: 2 min. attempts)
    • 50 kettlebell swings (53/35)

Kitchfix Bootkamp with Jenny Westerkamp, RD (Mon. 11/3)

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Looking to dial in your nutrition while working hard in the gym? Maybe you’re ready to take your training to the next level by following a diet aimed to increase performance? Or are you just hoping to lose a few pounds (remember: unfortunately, no matter how hard you work in the gym, you CANNOT out-work a poor diet)? Maybe you’re happy with where you’re at but you know you can eat better? If any of these situations apply to you….


Why wait until AFTER the holidays to be healthy?


The Kitchfix Bootkamp is a 21-day program led by Kitchfix’s nutritionist, Jenny Westerkamp, RD.

The Bootkamp will start on November 3 and end on November 24.


As a bootkamper, you will receive:

    • discounted Kitchfix gift card to use during the 21 days
    • menus of recommended Kitchfix meals to meet your specific goals
    • access to Jenny Westerkamp, RD for personal questions and guidance
    • daily “challenge” emails to stay educated and motivated
    • nutrition handouts to help with meal planning outside of Kitchfix meals



    1. You pay $325, you receive…$375 Kitchfix credit
    2. You pay $199, you receive…$225 Kitchfix credit


Get healthy BEFORE the holidays with @Kitchfix Bootkamp!

Visit kitchfix.com/blog to learn more and register!


Once you register, you will be given all the necessary information before, during, and after the Bootkamp.

For any questions please email Jenny at jenny@kitchfix.com.

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