Great Job Saturday 9 am First Timers!

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We had a big group of first time CrossFitters come out for this morning’s FREE beginner WOD. It was a pleasure meeting Frank, Melissa, Izabella, Mike, Jaime, and Adnan and we hope to see you guys come out for our second wave of On-Ramp beginning the week of Monday, 9/3! There will be a morning and evening offering so let us know which time slots (6 am, 7 am, 6:30 pm, or 7:30 pm) work best for you. We’ll do our best to accommodate everyone’s schedules!


FREE beginner WOD classes will continue to be offered Saturday mornings at 9 am so come on out next weekend if you missed out today.

Week 1 is Done

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Great job by all of our On-Rampers as we finished up the first week of the program this morning. I know we covered some complicated movements but there will plenty of time across your CrossFit career to master them all. We will get there! In the meantime, enjoy your weekend and come ready to get after week two next week. Peace!


PS If you haven’t had enough, come to our free WOD on Saturday morning at 9 am. Sign up via MindBody through the link at the top of the right-most column on the home page. Tell/bring your friends!

Day 2 of On-Ramp

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Whether you’re a morning person or a night person, everyone is getting a dose of Day 2 of On-Ramp today. I’d typically post the WOD here but since we’re still just getting acclimated to the movements I’ll just let you know we’re covering deadlifts and press variations. Yup, you got it. BARBELLS! Get excited.


Post times and weights used in the WOD along with music preferences to the comments.

“Day 1” is in the books!

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Thank you and welcome to our first wave of CrossFit athletes! We’re pretty pumped to have you all join us.

With that being said, check out our times from the Baseline WOD:

400 m run


air squats

push ups

body rows

400 m run

Until we have a chance to get together as a gym, this is how we’ll get to know each other!!! Can’t wait to see what improvements come after Day 6.

Post your times, scales, and MUSIC REQUESTS to the comments!!!

And it begins

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A BIG thank you to everyone who made it out these past two weeks to join us for our free trial classes. Free classes will continue to be run on Saturdays at 9 am if you happened to miss out!

With that being said….

PM On-Ramp classes begin tonight and AM On-Ramp classes begin tomorrow.

There’s still time to enroll if you haven’t yet! (just click on the “SIGN INTO CLASSES HERE” link to the right, create a MindBody account in our system, and choose a class time. EASY!)

Meet Cindy

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She’s a 20 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) and stands at:

5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 air squats

She’s just waiting to meet you…. :*

The Rig is Up!

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And Spealler is in the house! No, not really. But his bare steel pull-up bars are. No more slipping off those powder coated cross-members. So get in here and let’s start the pull-ups. A little bodyweight Fran never hurt anyone….

Final Week of Free Classes

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This week marks our last week of free trial CrossFit classes so continue signing up and stopping by.

With that being said, On-Ramp enrollment is currently open. So grab yourself a spot by registering now!

It’s he-eeeeeeeeere

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Come next week, this one ton steel behemoth will be occupying the box, waiting for your pull ups, ring dips, muscle ups, squats, presses, benches, rack pulls, toes to bar….EVERYTHING!!!

On-Ramp Begins Monday, 8/20

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Our first wave of On-Ramp (“intro”) courses begins on Monday, August 20! If you’re a visual person, like myself, check out the color-coded (NERD ALERT) schedule above to select the time slot which works best for you. Once you’ve figured out which one you want to sign up for, click on the class sign-in link on the right-hand side of the page and find it on the “On-Ramp” tab in our MindBody Scheduler.

More information about the difference between the On-Ramp and Accelerated On-Ramp courses can be found on the Memberships page. Every athlete is required to complete one of the On-Ramp courses.

Questions? Throw ’em at