Vegetable Medley

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Watch out DSCFers….this On-Ramp crew is on their way into our classes!!!

This WOD has got a little bit of everything so let’s start chippin away.



30 box jumps (24/20)

25 hang power snatches (95/65)*

20 push-ups

15 barbell back lunges (per leg) (95/65)*

10 muscle-ups (sub: 3x pull-ups and dips)


5 wall walks

10 pistols (per leg)

15 push presses (95/65)*

20 burpees

25 front squats (95/65)*

30 wall balls (20/14)

*Use the same weight for all barbell movements.

**25 min. cap.


Post time or how far you got through to comments.

Celebration of Shrinkage

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You could be this….cool! heh heh heh, get it? cool? cold. ah, nevermind.

Wanna get a little crazy? January 26th, 2013 is the Lakeview Polar Bear Club’s 12th annual Polar Plunge! This is a great fundraising event benefitting local families in need. Anna C. (above right) participated last year and had this to say about it:

“The polar plunge was a really awesome experience and I’m excited to do it again!  You definitely have to psych yourself up for the plunge itself once you hit the beach – even though last year was unseasonably warm, it was still COLD!!  The event has grown over the last few years, so you enter the water in waves, with about 30-60 seconds total in-water time.  Some people only went in up to their knees, and others (including me) went all the way under.  You can do whatever you can handle.  By the time I ran back to our little camp, my hair had icicles in it.  WORTH IT!  Last year nearly 600 people participated and a little over $28,000 was raised for families in need.  It’s a blast for a great cause and a completely different way to challenge your comfort zone!  I’m pumped to plunge again and hope to see some of you out there!!”

Clearly this girl is a little nuts 😀 but this is pretty damn cool. SAME PUN. LAUGH NOW. Check out the official website here: Reply to the comments below and email Anna ( if you would like to be part of the group going out there this time around.

Run, Forrest, Run

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Since this is likely going to be one of the last “nice” days before we hit full-bore winter….



5k time trial


Do not skip this WOD just because it’s a long run. In 4 months, we’ll come back to this and we’ll be able to see how much our endurance has improved via strength training and metcons.

Here are some pacing strategies for tackling this 5k:

    • If you are non-runner or have never run a “long” distance race before, select an “even effort” pace. This pace will be at an effort level which you can maintain for the entire distance. Your mile splits are not the focus here. You just want to maintain!
    • If you are a beginner runner, try picking an “even pace” to sustain through the 3+ miles. Today’s course is set up such that each of the miles end back at the gym where you can glance at the clock to make sure you are on that pace for each mile. When you pick a split time to maintain, you may need to increase the EFFORT level at each mile. A slight bump in intensity may actual just mean that you are maintaining your split time – as you continue to run, your energy may wane but still FEEL like you are at the same pace. Increasing effort will make sure you are staying on your split.
    • If you are a slightly more experienced runner or are conditioned enough to play with pacing strategies, you may want to run a “negative split” pace. This means that each consecutive mile will be faster than the previous.
    • If you are an experienced competitive runner, then you probably have your own strategy but it may involve a strong start, settling into a middle float, and finishing with a strong surge for the last mile. Since we aren’t racing against each other you probably don’t need to be concerned with throwing surges into any of your mile splits. Either maintaining or increasing your pace within each mile is probably your best strategy.

Regardless of your experience and conditioning, there is a .1 km tail tacked onto the end of the three 1-mile loops which should be sprinted by ALL. If you find yourself with enough in the tank, that sprint should be started even earlier than that.

Additionally, I would recommend running this without headphones on. Listen and focus on your breathing. You won’t get lost in your music and you’ll be able to better gauge how well you are pacing by paying attention to your body. These strategies can even be used when we hit metcons in the gym! Get to know yourself/your self!!!


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For this WOD there will be two groups, the living and the undead. If you are alive you will start the workout with the first group.  If you are a zombie you will start the WOD exactly 3 minutes after the living people and try to catch them.

    • 800m run
    • 80 squats
    • 60 ab-mat sit-ups
    • 40 push-ups
    • 20 pull-ups
    • 400m run

*If you are a zombie you must catch at least one person. If you fail to catch somebody you must do a penalty of 25 burpees after the WOD.

**If you are alive and you get caught by a zombie then you must also do 25 burpees post-WOD.

***Pre-burpee penalty beer chug is optional and perhaps encouraged.

The only people who don’t do burpees are the living who don’t get caught and the zombies who catch people.

It’s Friday, Friday. . .Gotta get down on Friday

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Just because.

Don’t forget about tomorrow’s Halloween Costume WOD at 10 am. Costumes are mandatory!

Feel free to bring some pumpkin ales, ciders, spiked hot chocolate or whatever for enjoyment afterward!



    • 1x deadlifts (225/185)
    • 2x bar-facing burpees
    • 3x air squats

200m run after each round


Post time and weights to comments.

Does someone want to volunteer to make this (copy and paste this link -> the website is being dumb) for the Grand Opening event next weekend?

Thank you, Justin K., for this gem. Happy Friday!!!

Eight is grrrrrrrreat

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Uh oh, D St. CrossFitters….what is this I see? An On-Ramp class of….EIGHT?!?! You have been OUT DONE. Last week’s two classes of seven means NOTHING now. Time to rally the troops….


5 rounds

    • 5 push press (115/75)
    • 10 front squats (115/75)
    • 15 pull-ups

Post rounds and weights to comments.

Reading: This blog post has been making the rounds the past couple of days and since most of us are fairly new at CrossFit or are still going through On-Ramp, The Ten Things That Happen When You Begin CrossFit will give you a good idea as to what to expect in the next couple months. I think 5 and 7 may hit closest to home for most of you. What do you think? Discuss in the comments!

Whatchu squat, bro?

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Congrats to Tim S. (on the right) for getting his first muscle-up last night! And that was AFTER the wall walks and HSPUs!

If you ever hit an achievement for the first time, e.g. pull-up, muscle-up, HSPU, pistol, etc, let me know so we can get you the recognition you deserve. Be proud of the progress you make.


5 RM back squat


Compare to Thursday 9/6/2012.


Post weight to comments.


Reading: The Squat, an article by Mark Rippetoe, author of Starting Strength and world-renowned strength training expert. The most pertinent information starts after the break on page 3.

Ab Attack

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Look at these fine gents, showing off their DSCF t-shirts….which are still available for $20!!! First come, first serve on sizes so come get em now.

accumulate 15 wall walks

accumulate 15 HSPUs


WOD (25 min. cap):

50 ab-mat sit-ups

50 double-unders

50 ab-mat sit-ups

50 walking lunges

50 ab-mat sit-ups

50 burpees

50 ab-mat sit-ups


Post time to comments.

That’s snatch-tastic

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Congrats to all of our athletes who participated in Barbells for Boobs over the weekend at CrossFit Chicago! And it was great seeing the rest of you who could make it out to Roots Pizza on Saturday at the after-party!


400m run

10 snatches (115/85)

200m run

20 wall balls (20/14)

100m run

30 pull-ups

100m run

20 wall balls (20/14)

200m run

10 snatches (115/85)

400m run


Post time to comments.

This is it. Don’t get scared now.

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Good luck to all our athletes competing in Barbells for Boobs today at CrossFit Chicago!!! Moosah, Joey, Tim, Marron, and Sophia….you’re all gonna rock. Just do exactly what I taught you…. 😉

Then we’ll see you all at Roots Pizza (1924 W. Chicago, Chicago and Winchester) at 8 pm for the Barbells for Boobs social!


6 rounds

    • 4 burpees
    • 8 thrusters (95/65)
    • 16 wall jumps
    • 200m run


Post time to comments.