sunday, sunday. . .SUNDAY

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It’s SUNDAY! Get outside! Go for a walk! Play with your kids! Play some frisbee, flag football, get to the beach for some vball one last time. Enjoy the weather while you still can.


Sundays are not just days to get out of the gym or for rest days, they’re days to enjoy WHY we get in the gym in the first place. Put your hard work to good use. Live.


Worse comes to worst….enjoy the NFL games now that they’re back. But maybe drag your TV outside… 😉

Don’t Forget Your Mawashi

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overhead box step-ups 3×10



4 rounds

    • 30 air squats
    • 20 sumo deadlift high-pulls (95/65)
    • 10 push-ups


Post time and weight to comments (and enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!).

Flip and Dip

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Accumulate 30 handstand push-ups (scale: handstand holds against the wall, handstand pikes on a box)



5 rounds

    • 100m sprint (Leavitt and back)
    • 10 ring dips
    • 10 pull-ups


Post time and pull-up scale to comments.

5 x 5

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Burgener warm-up (this is the warm-up we’ll use when we start to snatch but before we get there this is a good place to begin. I HIGHLY recommend you read this when you have a chance: The Burgener Warm-up)


Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

Squat 5-5-5-5-5


Surprise mini-metcon at the end. 😀


Post weights you used for your 5 sets of 5 to comments.

Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean

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clean technique development working up to a heavy single



4 rounds

    • 400m run
    • 6 cleans (135/95)
    • 12 burpees


Post your time, barbell weight, and a link to your favorite Mr. Clean pic to the comments.

CrossFitters, meet Prof. Tabata. Prof. Tabata, CrossFitters.

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Press 3-3-3-3-3

“Tabata Something Else”

8 intervals each of 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest (The Tabata Protocol)

    • pull-ups
    • push-ups
    • ab-mat sit-ups
    • squats

Count total number of reps of each movement then add up the total number of reps of all movements.

Record scores to comments.


Graduation Day

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Congratulations to Division St. CrossFit’s inaugural group of On-Rampers!!! You’ve completed your training with flying colors and I am IMMENSELY proud of ALL of you. Seriously. I told you all ahead of time about the amount of improvement you would see within JUST TWO WEEKS’ time and you’ve EXCEEDED my expectations. Incredible. Don’t just take my word for it….check out your times:

I’m speechless. I knew you guys had done well but it didn’t hit me until I looked at the cold, hard data. The proof is in the (paleo) pudding. 😉


For those who haven’t gotten your second attempt in yet, let’s get you after it again soon! And Allison, don’t you worry, I know you changed scales and made it more difficult for yourself. Witness!

Out with the old, In with the new

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Check out our brand-new logo courtesy of Scott Reinhard! You can see all his work at

Soon you’ll be able to rock your very own Division St. CrossFit t-shirt, hat, hoodie, etc. all around Wicker Park, Bucktown, and Ukranian Village!

Second Wave of On-Ramp Comin Right Up

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The next wave of our two-week On-Ramp program will begin next week! There will be a morning and evening option:

7 am: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

7:30 pm: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Sign up now via the “SIGN INTO CLASSES HERE” link at the top of the right-hand column of the home page. Set up an account with your email and a password, find the program which you’d like to enroll in on the “On-Ramp” tab, and enroll!

*Due to the Labor Day holiday on Monday, 9/3, the first Monday On-Ramp session will take place on Tuesday, 9/4 then return to Monday the following week.

Great Job Saturday 9 am First Timers!

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We had a big group of first time CrossFitters come out for this morning’s FREE beginner WOD. It was a pleasure meeting Frank, Melissa, Izabella, Mike, Jaime, and Adnan and we hope to see you guys come out for our second wave of On-Ramp beginning the week of Monday, 9/3! There will be a morning and evening offering so let us know which time slots (6 am, 7 am, 6:30 pm, or 7:30 pm) work best for you. We’ll do our best to accommodate everyone’s schedules!


FREE beginner WOD classes will continue to be offered Saturday mornings at 9 am so come on out next weekend if you missed out today.