Eight is grrrrrrrreat

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Uh oh, D St. CrossFitters….what is this I see? An On-Ramp class of….EIGHT?!?! You have been OUT DONE. Last week’s two classes of seven means NOTHING now. Time to rally the troops….


5 rounds

    • 5 push press (115/75)
    • 10 front squats (115/75)
    • 15 pull-ups

Post rounds and weights to comments.

Reading: This blog post has been making the rounds the past couple of days and since most of us are fairly new at CrossFit or are still going through On-Ramp, The Ten Things That Happen When You Begin CrossFit will give you a good idea as to what to expect in the next couple months. I think 5 and 7 may hit closest to home for most of you. What do you think? Discuss in the comments!

Whatchu squat, bro?

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Congrats to Tim S. (on the right) for getting his first muscle-up last night! And that was AFTER the wall walks and HSPUs!

If you ever hit an achievement for the first time, e.g. pull-up, muscle-up, HSPU, pistol, etc, let me know so we can get you the recognition you deserve. Be proud of the progress you make.


5 RM back squat


Compare to Thursday 9/6/2012.


Post weight to comments.


Reading: The Squat, an article by Mark Rippetoe, author of Starting Strength and world-renowned strength training expert. The most pertinent information starts after the break on page 3.

Ab Attack

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Look at these fine gents, showing off their DSCF t-shirts….which are still available for $20!!! First come, first serve on sizes so come get em now.

accumulate 15 wall walks

accumulate 15 HSPUs


WOD (25 min. cap):

50 ab-mat sit-ups

50 double-unders

50 ab-mat sit-ups

50 walking lunges

50 ab-mat sit-ups

50 burpees

50 ab-mat sit-ups


Post time to comments.

That’s snatch-tastic

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Congrats to all of our athletes who participated in Barbells for Boobs over the weekend at CrossFit Chicago! And it was great seeing the rest of you who could make it out to Roots Pizza on Saturday at the after-party!


400m run

10 snatches (115/85)

200m run

20 wall balls (20/14)

100m run

30 pull-ups

100m run

20 wall balls (20/14)

200m run

10 snatches (115/85)

400m run


Post time to comments.

This is it. Don’t get scared now.

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Good luck to all our athletes competing in Barbells for Boobs today at CrossFit Chicago!!! Moosah, Joey, Tim, Marron, and Sophia….you’re all gonna rock. Just do exactly what I taught you…. 😉

Then we’ll see you all at Roots Pizza (1924 W. Chicago, Chicago and Winchester) at 8 pm for the Barbells for Boobs social!


6 rounds

    • 4 burpees
    • 8 thrusters (95/65)
    • 16 wall jumps
    • 200m run


Post time to comments.

What’s your number(s)?

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Good luck to everyone competing in Barbells for Boobs tomorrow!

T-shirts are here for pick-up. If you did not pre-order, they will go on a first come, first serve basis. So get in early!


EMOM (every minute on the minute)/Death By for 10 min.

    • 1 wall to wall runs and 1 burpee in the first minute
    • 2 wall to wall runs and 2 burpees in the second minute
    • etc.
    • etc.
    • 10 wall to wall runs and 10 burpees in the tenth minute

See if you can get through all ten rounds without being cut off by the next minute.


rest for at least 15 minutes



15 min. AMRAP

    • 6 box jumps (30/24)
    • 12 push presses (115/75)
    • 6 box jumps (30/24)
    • 12 pull-ups


Post your scores to the blog!

Dan D. is a Spartan BEAST

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Congrats to Dan D. (second from left) for surviving the Spartan BEAST version of the Spartan Race over this past weekend down in South Carolina!!! The Spartan Beast is the hardest of the Spartan Races, involving 25+ obstacles taking place over 13 miles of terrain. Here he is above finishing leaping over a pit of fire. Uh, yeah. A pit o’ fiya! He, his brother, and his brother’s friend teamed up to finish the race in 3:50:36 and came in 459th out of 2,311 finishers. Oh yeah and here’s the kicker (as if that all wasn’t enough), for every failed obstacle they had to do 30 BURPEES. And you only got one chance. Congratulate Dan when you see him!

Don’t be a Nancy

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*** Sign up for the Barbells for Boobs event at CrossFit Chicago ASAP. Time slots are going fast. ***

*** Notice: despite this Saturday being the Barbells for Boobs event at CrossFit Chicago, we will still be holding the 8 am WOD class as well as the 9 am free trial class. So sign up for the 8 am class if you can’t make the event and tell your friends about the free trial class! ***

*** T-shirts are in! $20 per shirt. If you’ve pre-ordered, I’ve pulled em aside for you already. The rest go on a first come, first serve basis. ***


OHS mobilization shoulder, upper back, and squat techniques




5 rounds

    • 400m run
    • 15 overhead squats (95/65)


Post time and weights to comments.

Hey! Dir-tay! Baby, I got your t-shirts! Don’t ya worry, I said hey. Baby, I got your t-shirts.

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If you’ve pre-ordered a shirt, I have pulled them aside for you already. Bring $20 and it is all yours to wear up and down Division St.


If you didn’t pre-order, that’s ok! There are more in stock but they will go on a first come, first serve basis!

Annie M. Rocked the Men’s Health Urbanathlon!

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Congratulations to Annie M. (in front) for taking part in the Men’s Health Urbanathlon over the weekend! She competed as part of a team, “Galloping Gals”, and killed her leg of the race. Here’s what she had to say about their performance:

“Our female team, Galloping Gals got 6th out of 42 female relay and I was top finisher for my leg (2)!! Go to the website and plug it in and you can see what the obstacles were. I owned the Soldier Field stairs!!! I cannot believe how much Crossfit helped- in just a matter of a few weeks!! I’m so excited for race season!!!”

Check out the race results here. Click on the “Results” tab and select “Female Relay” from the ‘Race’ drop-down. Check em out in sixth overall! And even better, select “Leg 2” from the ‘Split’ drop-down to see that Annie dominated by finishing 30 seconds ahead of the second place person in that leg. Congratulate her when you see her around the box!