Air Force 20s

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intro to kettlebell movements:

    • kb swing (russian then american)
    • kb (front) squat
    • goblet squat
    • kb clean
    • kb press
    • kb jerk
    • kb snatch


“Air Force WOD” (20 min. cap)

20 thrusters (95/65)

20 sumo deadlift high-pulls (95/65)

20 push/power jerks (95/65)

20 overhead squats (95/65)

20 front squats (95/65)

The metcon begins with four burpees and then four burpees on the minute thereafter.



5 sets, work up to the heaviest set of 5 turkish get-ups (left and right)


Post time to comments.

Tough Mudder Chicago 5/18/2013 & 5/19/2013

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Are you tough enough?

Due to the large immediate response, I’ve created a spreadsheet online which you can add your name to if you are interested in doing the Tough Mudder. Please fill in your one (1) preferred date and one (1) preferred team (and yes, those teams are mutually exclusive haha). Also, please indicate if you would like to be part of the t-shirt design committee.

Tough Mudder is coming to Chicago on Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19 this year! Does anyone want to get a team together to head out to the event???


We can organize multiple teams if there is enough interest. Perhaps a competitive team for those who really want to take it seriously, a casual team for those who just want to enjoy (enjoy? not sure that’s the right word….) the experience of finishing, a men’s team, a women’s team, etc. The possibilities are endless!


If you haven’t heard about Tough Mudder races, here is a brief description of the event:

“Tough Mudder events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. With the most innovative courses, half a million inspiring participants, and more than $3 million raised for the Wounded Warrior Project, Tough Mudder is the premier adventure challenge series in the world.”


From now until March 7, the cost is $135 and $125 for Saturday and Sunday, respectively. After that the price goes up again.


For more information, check out this link:


Post to the comments if you are interested and for which day.

Snatches! 3-for-1! Git’cher snatches 3-for-1!

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Bear party!


work up to a heavy single 3-position snatch (check out a video here: Catalyst Athletics – 3-Position Snatch)

    • for experienced lifters: begin from the floor, then hang, then high-hang position
    • for those becoming comfortable still: begin in the high-hang position, then hang, then floor




    • snatch complex of 1 hang power snatch and 1 overhead squat (you must stand up all the way after catching the snatch before the OHS) (75/55)
    • toes-to-bar


Post 3-position snatch weight plus direction as well as metcon time to comments.

Paleo Banana Pancakes

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This recipe is for “Instagrammed” pancakes. If you don’t like your pancakes Instagrammed, then you may want to pass.

Paleo Banana Pancakes


    • 2 eggs, beat with a little cold water until blended
    • 1 medium banana, mashed until smooth
    • Cinnamon (roughly 1/8 teaspoon, but add to bananas to test taste)
    • Dash of salt

Prep bananas and eggs separately, then mix together. Cook like you would regular pancakes. Makes 4-7 depending on how big they are. The smaller, the easier they are to flip.




    • 3 blackberries
    • Pad of butter (you don’t need a lot)

Mash blackberries, add butter, microwave 15-20 seconds.


BAM! Pancakes!!

(Thanks Anna C.!)


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Tim S. preparing to move big weight


For the next few weeks, we will be offering Open Box hours on Sundays from 11 am to 2 pm as a trial run. If there is enough interest, Open Box hours will be scheduled more frequently and consistently. The class will be available for sign-up on MindBody for free to members.


clean and jerk practice working up to a heavy single



1 clean and jerk (70% 1 RM clean or 80% 1 RM clean and jerk) EMOM (10 min. cap)

    • after getting in the clean and jerk, use the rest of each minute to work up to a total of 100 box jumps (24/20)

1 burpee for every box jump short of 100



accumulate 5 min. in a plank

every time you rest, perform 10 hollow rocks

(since no one got to this yesterday, we’re doing it today)


Post time and weight used to comments.


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Alec R. hitting below parallel on a 155 front squat


max unbroken pull-ups

max unbroken HSPU



4 rounds

    • 500m row
    • 12 front squats (115/75)
    • 8 ring dips



accumulate 5 min. in a plank

every time you rest, perform 10 hollow rocks


Post max unbroken numbers and WOD time to comments.

Day 2 (how annoying would it be if I kept doing this?)

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Joey V. killing a 155 lb. Bear.


  • agility ladder work
  • speed cone work



Alternating between heavy sets of

a) 5×3 bench press
b) 5×5 bent-over barbell row



3 rounds

    • 10 pistols (per leg)
    • 20 burpees
    • 30 DUs


Post weights and time to comments.

Day 1

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Day 1 of the Paleo Challenge is today! Get that diet in check!

The paleo diet presentation has been posted to the Articles/Links page under the Nutrition section as “DSCF Paleo Diet Primer”


Every 30 sec. for 5 min.

    • 1 power snatch (80% 1 RM)

Every 30 sec. for 5 min.

    • 1 power clean (80% 1 RM)



8 min. AMRAP

    • 8 wall balls (20/14)
    • 8 ball slams (20/14 or heavier)


Post weights and rounds to comments.

Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked

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See you Paleo Challengers at 11 am for measurements and a metcon test!

Good Morning, Sunshine

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Brandon A. showing solid squat depth while under load

See you Paleo Challengers at 11 am for some strength testing!

The Paleo Presentation and Discussion at 12:30 pm is open to all. Come on by!



3×8 good mornings



5 rounds

    • 100m row
    • 12 OHS (95/65)
    • 20 ab-mat sit-ups


Post metcon time to comments.