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Tim Rawlings is stopping by for a surprise visit and to do some lifting in our presence this evening. He’ll be getting to the gym around 5 pm and will be performing some cleans, jerks, and snatches. Come by early to watch him move some heavy weight and to talk some technique in advance of our Oly Clinics with him and Olympian Oleg Kechko during the weekend of April 19-21.


DSCF t-shirts

– sample size t-shirts are HERE. there is a S, M, L, and XL in both men’s and women’s cuts.

– order numbers will be finalized by the end of Open Box on Sunday so get in here today, tomorrow, or Sunday to try them out if you have concerns over the sizes.

– by the way, i am wearing a “vintage black” colored shirt. so….everyone, come see how good i look.

Oly Clinics

– these classes will be highly individualized and run by an ACTUAL Olympic competitor. this is truly a unique opportunity, exclusive to Division St. CrossFit members ONLY. sign up NOW.

If you’ve missed any of the CrossFit Games Open WODs, you have until next Sunday (April 14) to get them completed for our intra-box competition. There are two Open Box sessions until then. Come get some!


front squat

    • 1×5 @ 70% 1 RM
    • 1×4 @ 75% 1 RM
    • 1×3 @ 80% 1 RM
    • 1×2 @ 85% 1 RM
    • 1×1 @ 90% 1 RM





    • deadlifts (225/155)
    • handstand push-ups


Post metcon time to comments.

Leaderboard Update through 3/2013

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Leaderboard Layout 20130331 (blog post formatting for checking)

Please do me a favor and take a look at my current leaderboard standings document (click the image to expand it, dummy) and let me know if you have anything which should be added or updated from what you see here. Consider only accomplishments through the end of March (although, I WILL include the 500m row time trials from yesterday – this blog post is being written before the evening classes). Consider, as well, only feats which have occurred within DSCF walls.


As always, please let me know of anything you do when not in specific testing situations, e.g. during Open Box, mid-metcon unbroken DUs/HSPUs/etc., non-1 RM lifting sessions, etc. I typically won’t catch those unless you make note of it as a PR, put it on the whiteboard, or tell me in person.


And don’t worry about the yellow formatting – that just indicates to me which boxes need to be updated from the current board.


Post updates to the comments TODAY. I will be updating the board tomorrow.



As a community, we are and always will be working on the honor system. I will NEVER require that a DSCF coach be there to watch and confirm that you actually did something for it to count.

You know if you did it Rx’d or not.

2013 CrossFit Games WOD 13.5

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Good thing we programmed a 4 minute AMRAP yesterday, huh? If you were here for that, you should know what it feels like to go all out for four minutes.

There is no strategy here unless you can complete the first round in four minutes. And even at that point, I wouldn’t risk trying to pace much.

CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.5:

4 min. AMRAP

    • 15 thrusters (Rx: 100/65 Scaled: 65/45)
    • 15 chest-to-bar pull-ups (Rx: chest-to-bar pull-ups Scaled: jumping pull-ups)

– if three rounds (90 repetitions) are completed in under four minutes, the AMRAP extends to 8 minutes

– if an additional three rounds (180 repetitions) are completed in under eight minutes, the AMRAP extends to 12 minutes

– etc.

– no rest is necessary if the required number of repetitions are completed before the allotted time has expired; the time just continues to extend


Rx standards

    • thruster
      • barbell moves from the bottom of a squat with the hip crease below the top of the knees to a full lockout overhead (barbell overhead with arms, hips, and knees fully extended)
      • no racks are allowed but a clean into a thruster may be used to pull the bar from the ground when the bar is coming from the ground
    • chest-to-bar pull-up
      • arms fully extended at the bottom
      • chest must clearly make contact with the bar


Post AMRAP score to comments.

***Additionally, everyone will work for an entire 8 min. regardless of your score. SO, if you get through 2+29 and you hit the four minute mark, keep going. Your score will still just be 2+29.***

Three Months Later

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13.5 guesses? We haven’t seen overhead squats, thrusters, pull-ups (chest-to-bar or otherwise), push-ups, or kettlebells in any form. I think an overhead squat, hand-release push-up, kettlebell swing AMRAP would be fun! Although, I feel like there NEEDS to be pull-ups…. Hmmmm. What do you think???

Jump ropes are in! If you need one, come with dat cash money dolla to claim yours today. $14.

DSCF t-shirts: pre-order yours ASAP, an order will be placed this week

– sample size t-shirts will be here by Friday. order numbers will be finalized by Sunday after Open Box so get in here Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to try them out if you have concerns over the sizes.

Oly Clinics: sign-up now as spots are extremely limited


500m row time trial

– compare to 1/4/2013



alternating sets of

A.) 5×5 press

B.) 5×5 barbell row



4 min. AMRAP

    • 5 toes-to-bar
    • 7 push-ups
    • 9 box jumps (24/20)

– rest 2 min. then pick up where you left off for another 4 min. AMRAP

– compare to 1/4/2013


Post 13.5 guess, 500m row time, press weight, barbell row weight, and AMRAP score to comments.

March 2013 PRs

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Alec R.

    • deadlift 385
    • front squat 285
    • hang clean 245
    • snatch 145

Allison D.

    • clean 125
    • Shankle Complex 100
    • unbroken double-unders 31

Amanda M.

    • deadlift 165
    • Shankle Complex 95

Anna C.

    • deadlift 200

Catherine H.

    • deadlift 175

David H.

    • deadlift 255
    • muscle-up

Doug M.

    • front squat 195
    • unbroken double-unders 21

Eric F.

    • front squat 155

Hanna B.

    • front squat 125
    • unbroken pull-ups 3

Jed S.

    • front squat 175

Jenna J.

    • deadlift 155
    • front squat 105
    • squat 135

Jenny D.

    • deadlift 185

Joey V.

    • 5 tacos + 6-pack
    • Nasty Girls 6:45

Jon K.

    • clean 165
    • front squat 235
    • squat 275
    • unbroken muscle-ups 4

Justin K.

    • clean and jerk 120
    • unbroken pull-ups 15

Matt H.

    • clean 255
    • deadlift 455
    • overhead squat 95
    • snatch 175

Michaelia F.

    • deadlift 195
    • Shankle Complex 95
    • unbroken double-unders 15

Moosah R.

    • clean 225
    • muscle-up
    • snatch 175
    • squat 385

Ro A.

    • deadlift 125
    • front squat 90
    • power clean 85

Sam C.

    • clean 200
    • muscle-up
    • Shankle Complex 155
    • snatch 135

Terra T.

    • unbroken double-unders 14

Tim S.

    • clean 245
    • deadlift 375

Tom P.

    • clean 270
    • front squat 365
    • overhead squat 205


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DSCF t-shirts: pre-order yours ASAP, an order will be placed this week

– sample size t-shirts will be here by Friday. order numbers will be finalized by Sunday after Open Box so get in here Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to try them out if you have concerns over the sizes.

Oly Clinics: sign-up now as spots are extremely limited

Someone left their iPhone here overnight. It’s in a “speck” case. Let me know via the comments/email/text (HA! that’s funny because you can’t) if it is yours so that we can coordinate a pick-up/delivery.

Also, someone broke a jump rope. That happens, shit breaks….just let me know when it does so that I can take care of when they happen. Speaking of, we’re getting more jump ropes soon if you’re still waiting on one!



    • 1×5 @ 70% 1 RM
    • 1×4 @ 75% 1 RM
    • 1×3 @ 80% 1 RM
    • 1×2 @ 85% 1 RM
    • 1×1 @ 90% 1 RM

– max ring dips between work sets

– This is the beginning of a new deadlift cycle. We hit a 1 RM deadlift recently on Saturday, March 23, 2013. SO, if you were here that day then base your percentages off of that number. If your 1 RM is from a date prior to that then you may need to increase your theoretical 1 RM.



5 rounds

    • 5 cleans (95/65)
      • NO power cleans. catch the bar low instead of catching it high and lowering into the bottom of the squat. drop dat hot bod of yours quickly.
    • 10 pull-ups
    • 20 air squats
    • 40 ab-mat sit-ups


Post metcon time to comments.

Chicago-style Deep Dish Meatzza

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Meatzza? Meatzza. Meatzza? …MEATZZA!

This recipe for a bread-less/gluten-free/nearly-ALL-MEAT pizza comes from Susan Hlava and we couldn’t be more thankful. 😀

As a preface, here’s what she had to say about it:

“SO….I am the worst at rewriting recipes. I never actually pay attention to what I am doing and there is always an improvement I want to make BUT here is an attempt :). Tweak and edit as you see fit. I’m giving you the total disclaimer that this recipe came 100% from my head so if it falls apart tell people to eat it anyway….ha.”

Chicago-style Deep Dish Meatzza



    • 1 to 2 pounds pizza sausage
    • 1 pound hot Italian sausage
    • 1 large green bell pepper
    • 1 medium white onion
    • package of mushrooms
    • package of fresh mozzarella cheese
    • parmesan cheese
    • handful of pepperoni
    • thick tomato sauce

Any cake pan should work, the deeper the better. I used a spring form pan and the meat juice leaked and was a mess. SO… a regular deep cake pan might work better. Cookie sheet for the second go-round of cooking.


A couple notes on ingredients:

I like sausage but beef works fine too, beef/sausage combo is great! As for toppings that’s totally a personal preference. So whatever makes you happy, go for it! Keep in mind with this listing I had leftover toppings. Always better to have too much than not enough.



meatzza 4

1. Mix the various ground meats and line the baking pan. Pack it onto the sides and bottom essentially making a mold of the pan. As the meat cooks it will pull away from the sides of the pan, which is a good thing. Cook around 350 degrees until sausage is firm and edges are getting a little crisp 30 minutes (ish). Drain out any excess liquid (you might have to do this a time or two while the meat is cooking). Your shell should look something like the below picture :)


IMPORTANT NOTE!!!! – Grease leaked from the bottom of the spring form pan and was a wicked awesome smokey mess. Simple fix, place a baking tray with water on the rack bellow your meat shell. It will catch the grease and leave your oven and apartment smoke free! Better just use a regular cake pan.


2. While the shell is cooking saute your mushrooms. I used bacon fat, which is the best possible way to cook mushrooms but as long as you cook them down to remove the excess liquid, life is good. This will help your pizza stays solid and ensure it isn’t soupy.

meatzza 5

3. Once your shell is cooked, transfer to a flat cookie tray/baking dish. Again check and drain out any extra liquid. Get ready to load in your toppings.

meatzza 2

4. TOPPINGS. A layering technique worked really well, compress your layers as you go. Starting with a layer of mozzarella sprinkled with parmesan. (I actually used crumbled parmesan and I don’t recommend it, as it didn’t integrate as well as I would have liked, so make your meatzza better than mine.) Next, load a layer of your toppings then cover in sauce and repeat. How many layers will depend on the depth of your shell. Finish with sauce and a generous sprinkle of parmesan. COMPRESS your filling to ensure everything is packed in tight. Again this helps to make sure your end product will hold tight and not fall apart as you cut it up. …or at least helps, this is deep dish meatzza. It is gonna be messy.

meatzza 3

5. Cooking the bad boy! Lets say 350 to 400 until the top is browned. At this point everything is cooked so you’re in the clear with that. I cooked mine at 350 for 20 minutes. I’m impatient and wanted to EAT IT! …So maybe 400 for 20 or 30 minutes would work better. As I fine tune the cooking time, I can report back. As long as her top is brown and she is HOT! you are good to go.

meatzza 1

6. EAT IT! When hot, you need a knife and fork like a traditional deep dish pizza. When eating it cold the next morning, she should hold tight, so it’s a perfect grab and go breakfast!


Things I want to improve:

1. IF you want to reduce the cheese, TOTALLY possible, I might suggest making sure your tomato sauce is extra thick.  I absolutely plan to make a completely paleo version of this to test how it will hold up. …more details will come as I experiment.

2. I wasn’t thrilled with how my cheese integrated with my toppings. Shredded mozzarella might work better than fresh. I just love fresh so much! But experiment with your preferred types of cheese.

3. Finally, I spoke to this with the final baking step, but I didn’t cook it enough. So play with how long to leave it in the oven.

I pity da April Fool

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DSCF t-shirts: pre-order yours ASAP, an order will be placed this week

Oly Clinics: sign-up now as spots are extremely limited


back squat

    • 2×5 @ 80% 1 RM
    • 1×5 @ 85% 1 RM
    • 1×3 @ 90% 1 RM
    • 1×3 @ 95% 1 RM

– max plank holds between work sets

– please DO NOT exceed these percentages….1×3 @ 95% is heavy and i want you to get close to hitting it, if not getting all three



4 rounds

    • 12 push presses (115/85)
    • 9 box jumps (30/24)
    • 6 unbroken front squats (115/85)
    • 25 double-unders


Post metcon time to comments.

Open Box

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DSCF t-shirts: pre-order yours ASAP, an order will be placed this week

Oly Clinics: sign-up now as spots are extremely limited


Open Box hours from 11 am to 2 pm.


Don’t forget to submit your 13.4 scores for validation!!!

Running? You talking bout running?!

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Pre-order your t-shirts, biznitch

Sign-up for the Oleg Kechko Oly Clinics


back squat

    • 1×5 @ 75% 1 RM
    • 1×4 @ 80% 1 RM
    • 1×3 @ 85% 1 RM
    • 1×2 @ 90% 1 RM
    • 1×1 @ 95% 1 RM



5 rounds, every four minutes

    • 400m run
    • 21 kb swings (53/35)
    • 12 pull-ups

– record the time after completing your last pull-up

– sum the 5 times to get your total work time


Post total work time to comments.