DSCFriendsgiving Potluck (Sat. 12/2 @ 6 pm)

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thanksgivingDAY_post2Join us on Saturday, December 2nd for a DSCFriendsgiving Potluck starting at 6 pm!


Guests are encouraged to bring a favorite healthy potluck dish, a go-to slow cooker recipe, or just something to share with friends. Dishes can be healthy, whole food-based or they can just be damn good tasting. Whatever you intend on bringing, share with the group ahead of time in the Facebook event so we can ensure a tasty spread of items from appetizers to desserts and everything in between.


RSVP to the invite to let us know you’ll be here!


5 Year Anniversary Open House (Sat. 8/12)

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5 Year Anniversary Open HouseJoin us Saturday, August 12th from 6 to 9 pm for an Open House celebrating FIVE years of fitness, fun, and community at Division St. CrossFit!


That’s right – D St. is about to turn 5 years old and we want to throw it WAY back to the early years of grill-outs and hang-outs. We’ll have meats on the barbie and cold drinks in the coolers but feel free to bring your own favorites. Anyone and everyone is welcome – from current to former members as well as friends, family, and pets. And, on top of the upcoming gym modifications and upgrades, we’ll even have a surprise 5-year anniversary present(s) to unveil that night!


Please RSVP to the Facebook event and feel free to invite anyone you know who would like to join us (we’ll leave the guest list open for ya).


Thank you for your continued support and for helping us get to where we are today – we hope to see you for the Open House to celebrate!

DSCFacelift (Sun. 7/30)

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DSCFaceliftNext week Division St. CrossFit will finally be receiving some much needed building repairs. On Sunday, July 30th at 10 am, “We….want….YOU!” to help us put the gym back together. That’s right –  we’re calling on our community to put their functional fitness to use on the following projects:

    • wall-mounting the main rig
    • cleaning and re-oiling barbells
    • mounting additional handstand push-up walls
    • painting around the whiteboard
    • painting and mounting a frame around the whiteboard
    • sanding down the SPEAL bars


Participation is 100% voluntary but Open Gym and Olympic Weightlifting will be canceled that day in order for us to work. So, we hope you can make plans to help us get these jobs done! There will be no prep work necessary on your end – simply show up and we’ll let you know how you can help. Can’t make it? No sweat. We’ll make it work!


We hope you enjoy these changes and that you are available to help us make them happen! Thanks!!

VDL Grassfed Delivery (Sat. 7/22)

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VDL GrassFed will be making a GrassFed Beef, Pastured Pork, and Pastured Chicken delivery to CrossFit gyms across Chicago on next Saturday, July 22.

If you are interested in picking up affordable, naturally-raised meat, please fill out your order in the Google document below by the end of the day Tuesday, July 18.

Prices with descriptions can be found at the bottom of this post. Once our order has been placed, you will be notified of the final cost (prices are approximate and dependent on final weight). Delivery will be made around 11:00 am.


*** Bundles *** (10% package discount, 15% for first time orders)

First Taste Bundle – $58.50 (10% discount), first-timer rate: $55.00 (15% discount) (a $65.00 value)

    • 3 lbs ground beef
    • 1 lb stew meat
    • 2 lbs steak (t-bone or sirloin, depending on availability)
    • 1 lb bacon
    • 1 lb pork breakfast sausage

Nutrition Challenge Bundle – $82.00 (10% discount), first-timer rate: $78.60 (15% discount) (a $92.50 value)

    • 3 lbs beef roast
    • 5 lbs ground beef
    • 1 package beef sirloin brats (may receive 2 lbs stew meat depending on availability)
    • 1 package boneless chicken breast
    • 1 package paleo snack sticks

Pork Chops Bundle – $64.50 (10% discount), first-timer rate: $62.00 (15% discount) (a $71.70 value)

    • 2 lbs pork chops
    • 5 lbs ground beef
    • 1 bacon (uncured)
    • 1 package Tim’s brats
    • 1 paleo snack sticks

Steak Bundle – $75.30 (10% discount), first-timer rate: $71.15 (15% discount) (a $83.50 value)

    • 2 lbs rib, t-bone, or sirloin steak (depending on availability)
    • 5 lbs ground beef
    • 1 bacon (uncured)
    • 1 package Tim’s brats
    • 1 paleo snack sticks

Other First Time Order Discount:

    • first time buyers receive a 10% discount for orders of $100 or more (packages do not count toward the $100)


GrassFed Beef

Mixed share of beef (10-15 lbs @ $7.39/lb, $75.00-$115.00) consisting of:

    • six packages of hamburger (~1.0 lbs each)
    • high-end steak (t-bone or sirloin) (2.5-3.5 lbs average)
    • stew meat (2.0 lbs)
    • one roast (~3 lbs average)

Hamburger share of beef (~12.0 lbs @ $6.39/lb, ~$76.68) consisting of:

    • 12 packages of hamburger (~1.0 lbs each)

Ground Beef ($6.89/lb) – 1 lb package

Roast ($7.39/lb) – 2-5 lb packages *** On special right now: $6.59/lb if you order more than 6 lbs ***


    • t-bone ($11.59/lb)
    • sirloin ($11.49/lb)
    • ribeye ($12.29/lb)
    • tenderloin ($14.99/lb)

Beef Stew Meat ($7.39/lb) – 1 lb package

Beef Snack Sticks ($4.00) – 8 oz package

Tim’s Paleo Snack Sticks ($7.50) – 8 oz package, nothing but beef, salt, pepper, and smoke

Paleo Beef Jerky ($20.00) – 8 oz package

Bacon Grill Burgers ($7.99/lb) – ground beef with bacon ground in. about 20% bacon. patties ready for grilling. 3 to a pound.

Ground Beef Patties ($5.00/lb) – 3 to a pound

Beef Sirloin Bratwurst ($9.89/lb) – 1.5 lb package

Beef Ribs ($6.79/lb) – ~2 lbs/package

Beef Brisket ($7.79/lb) – 3-8 lbs

Beef Wieners ($13.89/lb) – ~1 lb package

Beef Liver ($4.29/lb)

Beef Heart or Tongue ($7.09/lb)

Beef Oxtail ($4.89/lb)

Beef Bones, Marrow ($4.25/lb) – about 5 inches long, cut length-wise

Beef Bones, Joint (for bone broth) ($3.85/lb)


Pastured Pork

Bacon ($8.99/lb) – regular thick-cut bacon (uncured – NO NITRATES)

Pork Roast ($4.69/lb) – 2-5 lb package

Pork Sausage aka breakfast/spiced sausage ($4.99/lb) – 1 lb chub (slicing it into patties is an easy option)

Tim’s Pork Bratwurst ($5.99/lb) – the absolute best brats in the entire physical universe

Pork Garden Brats ($5.99/lb) – with broccoli, mushrooms, green peppers, onions already inside

Pork Chops ($5.49/lb) – usually 3/package, about 1.5 lbs/package

Bacon, Boston ($6.39/lb) – made from the boston butt part of the pig (uncured) (ed: I dunno what that means but if I recall, it’s delicious!)

Bacon, Canadian ($6.99/lb) – made from the pork loin (uncured)

Bacon, Chicago Style ($6.99/lb) – grassfed beef and pork combined (uncured)

Beef Brisket Bacon ($8.19/lb) – made from grassfed beef brisket (uncured)

Seasoned Pork ($5.49/lb) – no nitrates at all. slightly different recipe than bacon.

Ham ($4.59/lb) – 3-6 lbs

Ham Steak ($4.69/lb) – slice of ham about 3/4 inch thick

Ground Pork (no spices) ($4.49/lb)

Pork Steak ($4.25/lb) – two steaks/package

Pork Ribs ($5.19/lb) – 2-5 lbs/package

Pork Neck Bones ($3.09/lb) – recipe for excellent bone broth is on the VDL FaceBook page


Pastured Chicken

Boneless Chicken Breasts ($8.99/lb) – skinless, large, juicy. 2 breasts/package, ~1.5 lbs/package

Chicken, Whole ($5.19/lb) – 3-5 lbs each

Chicken Breasts, bone-in ($7.49/lb) – 2 breasts/package, ~1.5 lbs/package

Chicken Wings ($5.09/lb) – ~3 lbs/package

Chicken Thighs ($5.39/lb) – ~3 lbs/package

Chicken Legs ($5.29/lb) – ~3 lbs/package

Chicken Leg Quarters ($5.29/lb) – ~3 lbs/package, a leg with thigh attached


New Items

50/50 Honey Ham GrassFed Beef/Pastured Pork Snack Sticks ($6.55) – nothing but beef, pork, salt, honey, sweet dairy whey, and smoke, 8 oz package

Farewell (for now!) Coach Jodi!

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ATTENTION, please:

Coach Jodi just got word that an army school she has been waiting to get into (due to funding) just let her know that it….is….TIME! But, she only has FOUR days to get ready to leave until AT LEAST September, if not likely longer than that. So, tomorrow’s 6:30 pm class will be Coach Jodi’s last class for us for awhile and I’ll be firing up the grills so that they’re ready to go by the end of that class. We’ll still be holding a 7:30 pm class too, so you’re welcome to get your workout in then and join the group for some food afterward. I’m sure we’ll be hanging out much later than that!


Hope to see everyone tonight!



PS Please BYOeverything you’d like to eat/drink since we may not have the opportunity to pick up supplies in advance. Thanks!

Row Raiser 2017 (Sat. 7/8)

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https_cdn.evbuc.com_images_29102867_145540516705_1_originalOn Saturday, July 8th, Goose Island CrossFit (1750 N. Kingsbury St.) is hosting their first Row Raiser for the Illinois Special Olympics!


The concept is simple:

Participants, teams of 10 ($50 per athlete), compete together by completing a 26.2 mile row. But the Row Raiser is so much more than that: it’s the kind of fun that defines the CrossFit Community, a team atmosphere that is raising awareness and funds while expressing team fitness through competition. Join them this year and experience an emotional event that has to be experienced to be understood.


Teams can be created via the EventBrite page where, after, everyone can pay their fee individually:



The event begins at 8 am and will run until 11 am with a BBQ to follow afterward. Free parking will be available in their lot and on the street. The event is welcome to the CrossFit community and friends and they will have local athletes with special needs joining them to row.


So, grab 9 of your D St. friends and #PullTogether!

DSCF White Sox Outing (Sat. 7/1)

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DSCF White Sox OutingMake plans to join us on Saturday, July 1st when Division St. CrossFit heads to the South Side to watch the Chicago White Sox take on the Texas Rangers at 1:10 pm!


Tickets will be purchased at the end of this week so if you are interested in being one of the crew to enjoy some fun in the sun, you must email Coach JJ (jj@divisionstcrossfit.com) by THIS Friday, June 9th. We will be aiming to grab a group of seats in the outfield where tickets run for about $30 (not including any additional taxes or charges).


RSVP to the Facebook event to let everyone know you’ll be there and to coordinate transportation to the stadium:


Do Division Street Fest 2017 (6/2-6/4)

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7694744Do Division Street Fest is this weekend!


Friday classes and Sunday Open Gym/Olympic Weightlifting will run as scheduled (classes are canceled on Saturday for Murph Day 2017) but we will remain open throughout the afternoon and early evening on both Saturday and Sunday. Like in years past, we will be offering up the gym as an oasis from the street festivities to our members. So, bring your friends and family to check out your gym and meet your coaches as we talk to the public about what Division St. CrossFit has to offer. Also feel free to save yourself some cash and bring over any refreshments and food you’d like to enjoy.


Do Division takes place at the following times:

    • Friday, June 2 (5-10 pm)
    • Saturday, June 3 (12-10 pm)
    • Sunday, June 4 (12-10 pm)

Full details here: http://www.do-divisionstreetfest.com/fest/

4th Annual Frank’s Little Murph Adventure (Sat. 6/10)

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4th Annual Frank's Little Murph AdventureWe’re excited to announce that Saturday, June 10 at 11:30 am, we will be running the

4th Annual Frank’s Little Murph Adventure!


Frank’s Little Murph Adventure is an event which was born from necessity but has turned out to be of greater significance than originally intended. In 2014, beloved former member Frank Little registered for but was unable to attend our annual off-site Murph Day tradition. Still wanting to collect his Murph Day t-shirt, we decide that he had to EARN it to do so. So, Frank’s Little Murph Adventure was born. Because no one should need to do Murph on their own, we thought we could ease Frank’s discomfort while doing some good. For each round of “Cindy” he performed, members and coaches bid on making each other suffer along with Frank. Rounds were being overbid and donations went up. Since 2014, we have ended up donating the hundreds of dollars raised to The Arts of Life, including last year’s proceeds from NINE Frank’s Little Murph Adventure participants!


*** If you are unable to attend Murph Day 2017 at WCCF on Saturday, June 3rd and would like to participate in Frank’s Little Murph Adventure, please notify us as soon as possible ***


Donations will be handled by selecting and cheering on your “horse”. For each minute your selected participant finishes under an hour, donors will give a multiple of that amount of their choosing. For instance, if a participant were to finish Murph in 50 minutes and the donor chose to give $1.50 per minute they are under an hour, then the donor will give $15 (10 minutes*$1.5/minute) to The Arts of Life. Each participant has been asked to provide a target or goal finish time for reference and donation pledges can be made NOW here:


Make your plans now to be here that Saturday right after the morning classes….AND BRING YOUR CASH!

2017 DSCF Summer Co-Ed Beach Volleyball

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Member Kate Galbraith posted the following last month regarding the upcoming 2017 Summer Co-Ed Volleyball season in the DSCF Members Only Forum on Facebook:

Hi everyone!

This sunny weekend has me thinking about Beach Volleyball Season!! The DSCF Spikers are gearing up for another fun season on the sand and we’d love to have you join us. While we would prefer if you have some level of volleyball experience, the reality is we will take anyone who isn’t afraid of the ball 😉

It’s always super fun, so check out the details below and, if you have any questions, feel free to email me (kateverrant AT gmail DOT com).


– North Ave. Beach, Thursdays, 6:30 and/or 7:30 pm game times

– First game: May 25th

– 8 game season, with potential to play on: 5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15, 6/22, 6/29, 7/6, 7/13, 7/20

– $50/person

– If people are interested, we can do a reissue of the neon Spikers shirts from last year

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