Whole Life Challenge (Sat. 1/20)

Jan2018_Poster-3Register to join us for the Whole Life Challenge beginning Saturday, January 20th!


The Whole Life Challenge is a six-week online, community-building, habit-changing program which challenges you to create a happier, healthier life by making small, daily changes.


Playing with your friends and fellow Division St. CrossFit members, you’ll score points every day, focusing on 7 key areas of health and well-being:

    • Nutrition
    • Exercise
    • Mobility
    • Sleep
    • Hydration
    • Well-Being
    • Reflection


How does it work?

The Whole Life Challenge will include before & after workout tests, body measurements, pictures (optional), and self-assessments. You will also select one of three Nutrition Levels (Kick-start, Lifestyle, Performance – full details in the link below) to follow throughout the eight weeks where you will score points daily based on how well you follow your selected Nutrition Level guidelines as well as the rest of the 7 Daily Habits listed above. And just like with your fitness, all we’re looking for is PROGRESS, not perfection!


Support throughout the Challenge will be provided by you and your teammates within our own private online community forum, through advice and guidance from return players, as well as content posted by Whole Life Challenge.


For more details, check out these links:

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Nutrition Levels Comparison Chart



Early Return Player Registration – through January 3, 2017

    • $29

Early Registration – through January 3, 2017

    • $39

Normal Registration – after January 3, 2017

    • $49


Once you’ve registered, be on the lookout for an announcement regarding a kick-off event which will include:

    • a complete introduction of the rules
    • nutrition presentation
    • “before” body measurements and workout

Until then, let us know if you have any questions.


We can’t wait to help you on your way to create a happier, healthier version of YOU!

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