• To accommodate last week’s testing, the third Skills Series 2017 skill-building clinic was pushed back to THIS WEEK on Wednesday, June 21st at 7 pm. Please plan accordingly!



25 back squats (45/35/pvc)

25 front squats (45/35/pvc)

25 overhead squats (45/35/pvc)

400m run

25 presses (45/35/pvc)

25 push presses (45/35/pvc)

25 push jerks (45/35/pvc)

400m run

50 hang cleans (45/35/pvc)

400m run

50 hang snatches (45/35/pvc)

400m run

Review movements here: http://www.divisionstcrossfit.com/movement-glossary/

Review scaling options here: http://www.divisionstcrossfit.com/scaling-options/

Review programming design here: http://www.divisionstcrossfit.com/2016/09/26/dscf-strength-programming-explained/

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