Congrats and Thank You to our 4th Annual Frank’s Little Murph Adventure Participants and Donors!

First off, I am astounded by the support you guys showed over the last week for Frank’s Little Murph Adventure and The Arts of Life. It’s amazing that our little community can come together so quickly and raise a significant amount of money in such a short time. So for all that, JJ, Megan, The Arts of Life, and I and the rest of the D St. coaches truly thank you guys and gals from the bottom of our heart.


All the gushy stuff aside, let’s get down to the numbers. In the short amount of time that we posted on DSCF Members Only Forum we have raised a total of $1,477! That’s $1,140 from pre-donations and $337 from pledges for the athlete’s performances on Saturday. That is around a $650 increase from last year, which is absolutely amazing. Dang, I can’t thank you guys enough.


With that being said, please plan on bringing cash in before the end of the week. You can hand it off to myself or JJ preferably, but if neither of us are around then go ahead and give it to one of the coaches, they’ll know what to do with it.

Extremely grateful,

Coach Lucas

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