4th Annual Frank’s Little Murph Adventure (Sat. 6/10)

4th Annual Frank's Little Murph AdventureWe’re excited to announce that Saturday, June 10 at 11:30 am, we will be running the

4th Annual Frank’s Little Murph Adventure!


Frank’s Little Murph Adventure is an event which was born from necessity but has turned out to be of greater significance than originally intended. In 2014, beloved former member Frank Little registered for but was unable to attend our annual off-site Murph Day tradition. Still wanting to collect his Murph Day t-shirt, we decide that he had to EARN it to do so. So, Frank’s Little Murph Adventure was born. Because no one should need to do Murph on their own, we thought we could ease Frank’s discomfort while doing some good. For each round of “Cindy” he performed, members and coaches bid on making each other suffer along with Frank. Rounds were being overbid and donations went up. Since 2014, we have ended up donating the hundreds of dollars raised to The Arts of Life, including last year’s proceeds from NINE Frank’s Little Murph Adventure participants!


*** If you are unable to attend Murph Day 2017 at WCCF on Saturday, June 3rd and would like to participate in Frank’s Little Murph Adventure, please notify us as soon as possible ***


Donations will be handled by selecting and cheering on your “horse”. For each minute your selected participant finishes under an hour, donors will give a multiple of that amount of their choosing. For instance, if a participant were to finish Murph in 50 minutes and the donor chose to give $1.50 per minute they are under an hour, then the donor will give $15 (10 minutes*$1.5/minute) to The Arts of Life. Each participant has been asked to provide a target or goal finish time for reference and donation pledges can be made NOW here:


Make your plans now to be here that Saturday right after the morning classes….AND BRING YOUR CASH!

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