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2017Q2 Programming Preview (Week 1-3)
2017Q2 Programming Preview (Week 4-6)
2017Q2 Programming Preview (Week 7-9)
2017Q2 Programming Preview (Week 10-11)

(download the PDF version here: http://www.divisionstcrossfit.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/2017Q2-DSCF-Programming.pdf)

Beginning today, we will be welcoming a few updates to our programming for Q2 2017:


Conditioning Workout Design

Most notably of this quarter’s changes, Coach Lucas will be designing all Conditioning workouts. Between his years of CrossFit training and programming design, he has built the experience and knowledge necessary for writing challenging and effective metcons. His affinity for simple yet efficient couplets and triplets will create the backbone to our training, in the same way those ideas have made the CrossFit training methodology so potent. We look forward to seeing your fitness improvements from this change!


Murph Day 2017 Training

Murph Day 2017 will likely be Saturday, June 3rd, so, like last year, we have planned specific Murph-training metcons which build upon each other in preparation of the event. The nine blacked-out Conditioning workouts in the schedule above represent those days. Between these metcons and the days in which pull-ups and push-ups are programmed in our Strength training, those planning on participating at Murph should target these days to train. Until then, keep your eyes open for the official Murph Day 2017 announcement!


Strength Training Updates

The Strength training planned for Q2 2017 follows the same design principles as described in the previous “DSCF Strength Programming Explained” post but has undergone another round of adjustments over the previous two quarters. Some of the changes include:

    • wave sets (a style of set/rep programming where a sequence of sets with decreasing number of reps per set is repeated again at a heavier weight per set)
    • unilateral dumbbell work is spread out more evenly throughout the initial volume phase weeks
    • jerk training is introduced earlier and more frequently in the quarter
    • overhead squat training is included in some of the squat and snatch training days
    • deadlift training is extended deeper into the quarter
    • lighter intensity strength training days have been placed into certain weeks to better facilitate the possibility of training more frequently


Accessory Strength/Size/Skill (“S3”) Programming

(this programming may be performed in classes instead of the Conditioning – aim to perform at least 2 out of the 3 movements due to possible time constraints)

For this quarter, we will be experimenting with additional, accessory strength programming. This training is intended to augment the day’s Strength training, in a way to build strength, size, and/or skill, and for members to complete instead of the day’s Conditioning workout in classes. This programming is intended to help the following populations:

    • members with upcoming endurance races who are planning on following a training plan but do not want to lose strength nor have their endurance workouts impacted by metcons
    • members who would like to build overall strength and power while also continuing to work on gymnastic skill and strength
    • members who would like to build body mass (adequate caloric intake will be required)
    • members who may be considered “hyper-mobile” who would like to increase stability around their joints
    • members who want to continue training for balanced fitness (CrossFit) but find on certain days they need to back off of performing a metcon yet still want to work out

“S3” programming does not need to be followed exclusively but will be most effective in gains of strength, size, and skill if done so. Regardless, even if performed sporadically or even after performing the day’s Strength and Conditioning programming, it will still prove beneficial.

Members looking to take advantage of this accessory programming should familiarize themselves with and possibly practice the following movements:


Other, more common movements which can be searched for on their own include:

    • Romanian deadlift
    • goodmorning
    • clean pull
    • snatch pull
    • (incline) dumbbell bench press
    • front/lateral delt raises
    • banded tricep pull-downs
    • wall run


Accessory Speed/Stamina (“S5”) Programming

(this programming is to be performed outside of class on your own)

This programming is intended as energy systems training to replace the metcons not performed while following the above Accessory Strength/Size/Skill programming. “S5” programming is designed to improve both Anaerobic and Aerobic capacity and power by following a progression toward improved performance in all energy systems. If “S3” programming is completed in classes, members should perform “S5” programming directly after class or later in the day. Alternatively, “S5” programming can be performed on “off” or active rest days by members.


Please let us know if you have any questions! We hope you enjoy the upcoming changes!

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