In-Advance Class Registrations

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We would like to remind our members that we request that class registrations happen in advance (by the end of the preceding day, at least) moving forward. While we would prefer not to enforce policies (loss of classes, account charges, etc.) for things like late registrations, no registrations, and no class cancellations, there are a good number of benefits we can all enjoy when classes are signed-up for in advance.


Some of these benefits include:

    • members having access to the equipment they require for training.
    • members knowing that there is space allotted for them because of their class reservation.
    • members having the opportunity to select which class time they would like to attend based on expected class size.
    • coaches having the ability to plan warm-ups which address the needs of expected class attendants based on the day’s planned training (e.g. running-based warm-ups would be avoided for those with foot or ankle issues).
    • coaches having the ability to include specific mobility or movement drills in warm-ups for those whom especially need it.
    • coaches having the opportunity to prepare member-specific scales and substitutions for expected class attendees.


Additionally, here is what your coaches appreciate the most when members sign up for classes in advance:

Coach Natalie:

“Signing up for classes in advance is helpful for the coaches when we are trying to prepare for class in advance. Especially in the winter when we can’t run outside, I try to program a fun team building warm up activity. Anyone who has been to my classes knows that I love games. I usually have a few ideas in mind, but it helps to know how many people will be attending class. After a long day at work, I am energized by our amazing members. Thank you for coming to my classes and for signing up early!”

Coach Rachel:

“It’s great for everyone who attends classes, coaches, and for yourself! It takes some pre-planning, but at the end of the day, it couldn’t be easier. Download the app, have the classes go into your calendar, and you are more accountable to your goals! We all want great workouts and to have coaches give us attention. Let’s keep the class sizes manageable and sign up for class ahead of time!”

Coach Joey:

“It is beneficial for athletes to register for weightlifting class ahead of time as it allows me to plan the programming for the class ahead of time. Each lifter has different abilities and areas of focus and although they generally benefit from the same training, I do make tweaks depending on who is coming and what level of experience they have.”

Coach Lucas:

“When you sign up for class it helps give me a better indication of how my class is gonna be run, from logistics to skills I need to touch on before the workout. Plus, if you’re relatively new then I know to introduce myself beforehand.”

Lucas McEmery
#1 Coach in the Universe
Division St. CrossFit

Coach Craig:

“Don’t you hate it when someone shows up to your place unannounced and you’re prepared for something completely different? It would be great if they told you they were coming! This is how the coaches at DSCF feel about signing up on mind-body prior to class. Letting the coaches know ahead of time not only benefits you, but also benefits your peers and your coaches. Classes run smoother and you receive an overall better experience”

Then I have some ending options that you can or not choose from:

“Don’t be snotty, sign up on mind-body”
“Get off your asses, sign up for classes”
“Don’t be a ho, let your coaches know!”

Coach Dan:

“It’s beneficial for us as coaches to have members sign up for class in advance. We want to be able to provide everyone with the best possible experience and the most individual attention for all classes. Having accurate class counts allows for us to set up efficient and meaningful warm-ups, mobility, and scales/advancements for each and every member. We continuously strive to provide the best environment and coaching for all our members; this will assist in making DSCF an even better place for everyone.”

Coach Meg:

“as excited as you are to find out what the next day’s workout is – is as excited as we are to know who’s coming to class. giving us the heads up ensures that classes are organized (who doesn’t love organization) and on time (cause I know my 6am’ers are oh-so-eager to start their workday). thanks in advance, my peeps.”

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