10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Open Gym

10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Open Gym:




2. No, seriously. Open Gym is free.

Attending Open Gym periods does not count against your class total. Open Gym is essentially a free class, especially on Thursdays when a new workout is posted to the website. So, if you are a 3x/weeker, come to Open Gym on Thursdays and now you’re a 4x/weeker. Above all else, if you don’t know what to do with yourself during Thursday evening Open Gym, just do that day’s workout and there’s your free extra class each week.


3. To work on your weaknesses.

We all have ’em. The difference between each of us is what we do about them. Open Gym is your perfect opportunity to practice the things you’d most like to improve on. Unencumbered by a time limit or the necessity to keep your intensity up, Open Gym allows you the freedom to spend as much time as you need to work on your skills and technique. Read an article recently about how to progress through handstands or muscle-ups? Come in and try them out! Watch a really cool snatch video on some drills which will help you find positions? Give em a whirl at Open Gym!


4. Make up strength or conditioning you missed earlier in the week.

Are you looking to get your overall strength up and you missed a big back squat session earlier in the week? Open Gym allows you the flexibility to do the work you need to do when you need to do it. Maybe you missed a metcon you were really looking forward to doing only to be held up late at work. Then make plans to come to Open Gym to push yourself through that metcon you were excited about!


5. Try some crazy-ass workout you saw on xyz.com.

There are a lot of crazy CrossFit workouts out there. If you follow any number of competitor sites or even HQ’s site, you’ll often find stuff which will make you say, “EW.”, “What the f**k.”, or even “Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?” but will be followed up with, “I want to try that.” Open Gym is your opportunity to do that. These kinds of workouts can be fun sometimes but most of the time they are bad ideas so just don’t be stupid about it. If you’re not sure, ask. We’ll tell you when something is just stupid.


6. Coordinate with other members to work out together.

Use the Open Gym times to get in contact with your fellow DSCFers (right here on the blog or via our Members Only Facebook Forum) and work on one of the three things above (3., 4., or 5.). Working out is obviously great but it’s that much better when you have someone to do it with. Anticipation increases, motivation increases, intensity increases, and friendly competition increases which all results in increases in performance and results. Make Open Gym a synergistic experience by teaming up with your friends!


7. Meet new people, make friends, and make new training partners.

Sometimes classes are packed to the gills with activity. Between warm-ups, workout explanations, drills, Strength training, and the metcon there’s often not enough time to even catch someone’s name. The relaxed atmosphere of the Open Gym setting is the opportune time to finally meet the people you’ve only briefly seen before or even never have. As a veteran, you have the opportunity to share your experiences and knowledge with someone with less experience. As a new member, you have the chance to meet our veterans and learn from them.


8. Ask coaches for demonstrations, suggestions, or just to watch.

This can be tricky because it is often the only time we are able to work out on a given day. But if you catch us when we’re not busy, you may be able to steal a snippet of advice which may make all the difference for you. If you REALLY want our help, reach out to us ahead of time to see if you can secure a few minutes of our time during Open Gym.


9. To learn for yourself.

Open Gym presents the opportunity for you to learn as opposed to being taught (yes, there’s a difference). When you’re called upon to begin thinking for yourself, it can be daunting at first but ultimately you will become stronger and smarter for it. Even for something as easy as warming yourself up, simply draw from the many, many warm-ups you’ve gone through in class (if you’re not even sure how to start that, try 30 jumping jacks 😉 ). After that, select stretches which target what you plan on using that day or what is tight from previous workouts that week. Then, run through the drills your coaches lead you through when warming you up for lifts. After that, the world is your oyster.


10. It’s FUN!

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