Division St. CrossFit is Now a Kitchfix Hub!

Kitchfix Logo croppedturkey-enchilada-websiteWe’re happy to announce that

Division St. CrossFit is NOW a Kitchfix hub!


We are excited to share Kitchfix with you all! Kitchfix is Chicago’s healthiest prepared meals and catering company fueling busy professionals, CrossFit athletes, professional athletes, and anyone that values high quality and delicious food! They are the most convenient solution for fueling your busy lifestyle. These ready-to-eat meals are chef-crafted with nutrient-dense, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, local, anti-inflammatory, and (most importantly) TASTY ingredients. About half their menu is Paleo, too. Plus, their food provides as much flavor as it does nutrition!


These meals contain everything your body needs and nothing it doesn’t.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up at www.kitchfix.com and select your meals from their weekly menu.
  2. Choose hub pick up and then choose Division St. CrossFit.
  3. Pick up your order the following week on either Monday or Wednesday after 5pm–whenever is convenient or you!
  4. Simply reheat the meals according to the provided directions and enjoy!


Other fun facts:

    • Meals last about 4 days and juices last 2 days.
    • You can come into the gym to pick up your meals anytime after the scheduled drop off.
    • They can accommodate special preferences like food allergies or substitutions.
    • There is no minimum order but delivery is $3.
    • If you order more than once per week, let them know and the second delivery fee is waived!
    • Don’t want to order? Contact info@kitchfix.com to set up complimentary VIP ordering and they will take care of you!


Place your order for next week (our very first delivery will occur Monday, November 24!):


Contact: info@kitchfix.com or 312-402-0221

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4 Responses to Division St. CrossFit is Now a Kitchfix Hub!

  1. Hen Doggy

    It’s super convenient that we can pick it up at the gym. One question i have is, hypothetically if we order food and it’s dropped off on Wed, but we don’t work out until Thursday, is that OK or are you expecting each delivery is picked up by everyone on that day?

    • JJ Christopher

      that’s fine! it’ll just sit in the fridge until you come grab it.

      we aren’t responsible for notifying you when your food has been delivered/has been waiting for you to pick it up (meals last up to 4 days, as per the information posted above).

  2. J Hoff

    I have been doing the Kitchfix Bootcamp for the past two weeks and I just thought I would share my experience – The food is DELICIOUS and it is so awesome to come home with limited time to spare and still have a great healthy meal waiting for you. By the time I crossfit, work and play vball, the last thing I want to do is make food. This is so convenient. Not to mention I have even lost weight :) I suggest everyone at least try a meal or two! That is all :)

  3. Rania B

    NICE!!! That was fast :)

    I’ve had about 9 meals from Kitchfix and they’ve all been very good and flavorful! I’ve been using them for my lunch at work since I’m having such a hard time packing my own. It gets me ingredients that are more in line with what I’d use at home. I love that they’re non-GMO, quite a few organic options, pasture raised meats and they don’t pack the food in plastic (except for the soups).

    Very excited to have pick be a block away. Thanks JJ!