Trodo Open Update and Clarification

Excitement has been growing among members and coaches regarding the upcoming Trodo Open being held here at Division St. CrossFit on December 6. This is your opportunity to try something new, make yourself vulnerable, and meet other gym members! The following people have enthusiastically thrown their names on the Trodo “Free Agents” list SO FAR to do just that:


Cory Miller

Sam Corbo

Cisco Juarez

Jon Lee

Vito DiStefano

Matt Bishop

Rick Frey

Dan Zyma

Sean Damper

Lucas McEmery

Ruben Sanchez

Andy Banicki

Kyle Dart

Matt Hayes

Will Jost

Doug Ramsey

JJ Christopher


Simone Le

Rania Bollegar

Alice Oglethorpe

Kathy Shiver

Kate Galbraith

Jen Hoffman

Kimmer Bennett

Megan Mangahas

Lauren Edmonson

Amanda Burkey

Amanda Mobley

If you haven’t yet, put your name on the whiteboard to join in on the fun! If you are able to organize your own team ahead of time, GREAT! Move your group’s names to the “Teams” area. Otherwise, NO PROBLEM! The coaches will create teams for you on the day of the event.


A couple points of clarification regarding the Trodo Open:

    • The Trodo Open is a FREE event.
      • Participation in the Trodo Games on January 24 is $65/person.
    • I have been made privy to the movements being incorporated into the Trodo Open workout and, although I don’t know what the workout will be exactly, I know that every single person HAS performed those movements. You CAN do this!
    • We will likely meet at the gym at 9 am on December 6 to discuss the workout, organize teams, talk strategy, and warm up together before running the Trodo Open in heats.
      • If you are unable to attend the Trodo Open on December 6 but would still like to be involved, please let us know so that we can organize alternative times for you and your team to perform the workout (Friday night & Sunday Open Gym for instance). Scores simply need to be submitted prior to Monday, December 8. That Saturday just makes for a great environment for us all to do our best but it is not your only opportunity to be involved!
      • If you are unable to attend the Trodo Games on Saturday, January 24, still involve yourself in the Trodo Open. Your participation and score still count for the gym!
    • The Trodo Open is NOT a qualifying competition. Although there are teams, a workout, and a final score, your ranking at the Trodo Open does NOT necessarily qualify you and your team for the Trodo Games. Division St. CrossFit is guaranteed at least two teams to participate in the Trodo Games but those teams will be selected by our coaches by considering some of the following factors:
      • final score or time
      • teamwork/communication/cooperation
      • team spirit/attitude/sportsmanship
      • determination/grit/perseverance
      • how well you represent Division St. CrossFit


We’re looking forward to this event so help us make sure you understand how it works. Please post any other questions here – it’s likely you aren’t the only one wondering the same thing!

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2 Responses to Trodo Open Update and Clarification

  1. dom

    anyone unable to do Saturday who wants to join forces?

    • Allison D

      Me!! I have to work that Saturday.