Division St. CrossFit is Now a Member of Trodo Box League!

trodo-logo-6.10.13_FINAL-for-web1We’re excited to announce that we have joined the Trodo Box League!


The Trodo Box League is an ongoing, team-based event for the entire gym! Athletes at all skill levels have the opportunity to represent our box / ‘alma mater’ with pride against other local boxes, all year round. It’s all about community, getting better together, and training for something bigger than yourself.


How it works for the next, upcoming event:

Trodo Open (Saturday, December 6 at Division St. CrossFit)

  • All workouts are team-based – 2 females and 2 males.
  • It’s all about community – all athletes at ANY skill level are encouraged to participate.
  • Workouts are inclusive and performed at our home gym – you can definitely do it AND in the comfort of our box with your friends.
  • Your participation matters – it counts for 1/3 of the Box Leaderboard.
  • Coaches will have the chance to recommend teams to represent our box in the Trodo Games.


Trodo Games (Saturday, January 24 at CrossFit Illumine)

  • Two teams are guaranteed registration spots to represent Division St. CrossFit at the Trodo Games – if space permits, we could have more.
  • Workout programming is designed to be completely inclusive, balanced and team-based – a handful of workouts will take place at the Trodo Games.
  • Non-participants are encouraged to attend the Trodo Games to support their fellow members – wear your Division St. CrossFit gear with pride.


Workout Category Standards | CAT1, CAT2, or CAT3

Trodo Category standards and workout programming are designed to include all athletes, across all skill levels. Athletes will never be ‘stuck’ in a workout, as workouts will allow athletes to strategize and shine given individual strengths and weaknesses, and will give athletes the chance to push each other to the next level!

(*CAT3 means you simply pick your own weight for the workout. We don’t care what weight you choose….we just want you to participate, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and represent your community with pride!)


How to get involved:

We will have an official Trodo Box League sign-up whiteboard soon which we will use to write down the names of participants. Until then, a designated place on our whiteboards will be used. You can sign up in one of three ways:

  1. Teams:” Your name along with three other members to form your own team.
  2. Free Agents:” Your name under the “Free Agents” list so that we can assist in the team formation process.
  3. Coach’s Teams:” Your name under the “Coach’s Teams” list so that we can place you on a team which will be lead by one of our coaches – perfect for those looking for assistance in terms of workout strategy, approach, and encouragement!


The Trodo Open workout will be posted by Monday, November 24 along with the Category Standards so don’t worry about which Category you’ll fall in. Just sign up then show up on Saturday, December 6!

Check out the official Trodo Box League website here:


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