Monthly Archives: October 2014

Monthly Archives: October 2014


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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Reminder: Sign up for Kitchfix’s Nutrition Bootkamp by MONDAY and clean up your diet before the holidays hit! Gentlemen, shave those ruggedly handsome faces TOMORROW in preparation for MOVEMBER 2014 and the ensuing end-of-the-month event! Strength: front squat 10×3 @ 55% 1 RM – the focus on these squats is SPEED out of the bottom. if it helps to think of it in terms of tempo, take 1 to 3 seconds to lower the weight then explode out …

Workout of the Month: November 2014

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November 2014′s Workout of the Month is…. “Annie” 50-40-30-20-10 double-unders ab-mat sit-ups   All next week (the first week of the month), every class will warm up with “Annie”! Once you get a time recorded for “Annie”, you may try again, use that time to work on your double-unders, cheer on your fellow members, or do your own stretching and mobility work for that day’s class.   At the end of the month, “Annie” will be retested during the warm-ups …


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Attention: Open Gym will begin at 4:30 pm today. Strength: deadlift if you did not attempt a 1 RM last week on Friday, 10/24 then 1 RM else 3×8 @ 70% 1 RM – compare to 2014.10.24 or 2014.09.17 or 2014.09.12 or 2014.07.07   Conditioning: 2 rounds 100 double-unders 50 shoulder-to-overheads (95/65) 25 toes-to-bar – compare to 2014.09.09 or 2014.07.22

Movember 2014

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Gentlemen: There comes a time in a man’s life when he must grow a mustache. That time does not present itself very often but NOW is that time. For the month of November 2014, we challenge EVERY male member of Division St. CrossFit to join the male coaches (JJ, Joey, Dan, Lucas, and Sam) in growing a mustache in honor of Movember and to raise awareness of men’s health issues such as prostate cancer.   To participate in Division St. …


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Strength: 5 rounds (untimed) ME pistols (on a single leg) ME pistols (on opposite leg) ME handstand hold – select pistols scales which will allow you to perform at least 6-10 repetitions. change scales each round.   Conditioning: 5 rounds 10 hang power snatches (95/65) 15 wall balls (20/14) 20 ab-mat sit-ups

Congratulations to our 2014 Mid-American Weightlifters!

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Congratulations to our coaches who lifted at this past weekend’s 2014 Mid-American Weightlifting Championship and DeGarmo Memorial at CrossFit Rise!   Coach Megan took FIRST PLACE in the women’s 53 kg weight class on Saturday by going 44/47/50x (97/103.6/110.2x lbs) on snatch and 62/66/69x (136.7/145.5/152.1x lbs) on clean & jerk for a total of 113 kg.   Coaches Joey and JJ took fourth and fifth place, respectively, in the men’s 85 kg weight class on Sunday. Joey bested JJ by …


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Strength: back squat 1 RM – compare to 2014.09.10 or 2014.09.05 or 2014.07.11 or 2014.06.30   Conditioning: 2 rounds 800m run 1,000m row 50 double-unders

Fuel For Fire Fuel Packs Now in Stock!

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We’re happy to announce that Fuel For Fire Fuel Packs are now IN STOCK and ready FOR SALE!   Each Fuel Pack consists of real food (fruit and/or sweet potatoes) and 10 grams of whey protein in a squeezable pouch. It’s unsweetened, gluten-free, and contains nothing artificial. Fuel Packs come in four great tasting flavors: Fuel Packs are great for pre-workout (ESPECIALLY for you early risers or those rushing to get to the gym right after work), post-workout if you …


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Strength: clean & jerk 8×1+1+1 power clean+clean+jerk @ 65% 1 RM c&j – 30-60 seconds rest between sets   Conditioning: 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 1x power clean @ 65% 1 RM c&j 2x pull-ups 3x box jumps (24/20) – 1 power clean-2 pull-ups-3 box jumps, 2-4-6, 3-6-9, 4-8-12, 5-10-15, and back down


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Yoga: 10:00 am – 11:00 am Open Gym: canceled today FREE Trial CrossFit Class: canceled today Strength programming for the week of 10/27/14 – 11/2/14: Monday 10/27/14 clean & jerk 8×3 @ 65% 1 RM Tuesday 10/28/14 back squat 1 RM Wednesday 10/29/14 gymnastics accumulate 30 pistols (per leg) and 5 ME handstand holds Thursday 10/30/14 deadlift 3×8 @ 70% 1 RM or 1 RM Friday 10/31/14 front squat 10×3 @ 55% 1 RM Saturday 11/1/14 metcon only