Workout of the Month: August 2014

Starting this month, we will be featuring a

Workout of the Month!


Each month, a Benchmark workout, unbroken movement, time trial, or the like will be selected as a challenge for you to work on, test, or complete before the month finishes. This challenge can be completed outside of regular classes and programming….which perfectly corresponds with the introduction of the brand new Open Gym hours beginning next week!


August 2014’s Workout of the Month is….





There’s already a handful of members planning on completing this workout during tomorrow’s Open Gym hours (11 am – 2 pm) so come on out to take your shot at this month’s Workout of the Month. Upon completing this workout, post your time/score with scales to this post. Feel free to complete the challenge multiple times, tracking your progress either in changes in times/scores or scales.


Good luck!

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10 Responses to Workout of the Month: August 2014

  1. Kyle Dart

    I’ll be there at 11am-ish to knock this out. Let’s go head to head to head to head to head.

    Also, I really wish my thighs and butt didn’t feel like they were going to explode from yesterdays WOD. #AintNobodyThankingJJ

  2. JJ Christopher

    #GetThatThickness #You’reWelcome

  3. Kyle Dart

    Kyle – 5:39rx. (Some pacing may be required. Fran, guuuuurl, ill do you again at the end of the month)

    • Allison D

      No pacing required. Just embrace the suck and keep going.

  4. Allison D

    7:08 Rx. Need to get my pullups in order and I’ll kick Kyle’s butt at the end of the month.

    • Kyle Dart

      August 31st, totes rematch.

      • Allison D

        Can’t wait.

  5. Allison D

    P.S. Love this workout of the month idea, JJ!

    • JJ Christopher

      me too!

      i’d love to take credit for it but when asked “What is your biggest concern or the one thing you would change at Division St. CrossFit?” on the Two-Year Survey, someone responded:

      I can’t think of anything. Maybe regular attempts for records on the Girls board? Like a Girl of the Month or something that people can do during Open Gym (or that’s scheduled on the first of the month or something)?

      so, to whoever that was….thank YOU!!!

  6. JJ Christopher

    Fran time summary:

    Kyle 5:39 Rx/5:36 Rx
    Allison 7:42 Rx/7:08 Rx/6:37 Rx
    Robo 8:39
    Cory 5:58 Rx
    Will 3:40 Rx
    Aaron 9:58 Rx
    Matt L. 7:40 Rx
    Sam C. 3:05 Rx
    Brent H. 11:09
    Dom 4:57 Rx
    Riley Participation Award
    Moosah 2:58 Rx
    Janice 6:56
    Tessie 5:59