Two-Year Anniversary Party (Sat. 8/9)

Division St. CrossFit Two-Year Anniversary InvitationNext Wednesday, August 6 marks the two-year anniversary of

the VERY first class at Division St. CrossFit!


….and no one showed (cut us some slack, it was 6 am and it was free). But then an hour later, one person came. Later that day, two people came. Two years later, we have a membership of 120+ hard-working, dedicated, loyal CrossFitters and we couldn’t be more proud.


To celebrate, join us for our Two-Year Anniversary Party next Saturday, August 9th

from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm at Roots Handmade Pizza (1924 W. Chicago Ave.).


You should have already received an email invitation but if you have not, we promise it was merely an oversight or perhaps you are a recent addition to the family. If you did not receive the invite, please let JJ know by emailing him ( and you will be added to the invite list.


Please RSVP by this weekend so that we can finalize the arrangements next week.


Obviously we are footing the food and drink bill (open bar, dude! i’ll take six Schlitz’s) but if you’d like to help us out, we’ll be happy to accept $10 donations for food and $10 for drinks.

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2 Responses to Two-Year Anniversary Party (Sat. 8/9)

  1. Hen Doggy

    I remember driving by DSCF, and I thought “You know what, as soon as my gym membership (which i rarley used) runs out, i’m joining that!” Then i got an e-mail that day telling me my gym membership ran out and I was “Aw man!” Three months later i finally signed up for on ramp :)

    • JJ Christopher

      best three month-long decision you’ve ever made