We got hammered….and then they got hammered!

We lured them into complacency with our dominant muscles and killer drinking skills. Alex perfected the face set. Will finally f***ing did something. The Ryans were ringers, as usual. We let the other team play with 4 dudes and we still crushed them! Janice was our loud and crazy cheerleader – she set the tone with her booming “YEAH!” Next week is the semifinals and finals and we would loooooove to have any additional supporters come out to cheer us on!!

Don’t forget!

Get your PRs from the month of July 2014 (including 1 RM front squats from Wednesday) on the board by TODAY before it gets wiped down next week for August.



    • 5×5

– build up to a heavy set of 5 and repeat for four more sets

push press

    • 3×3

– build up to a heavy set of 3 and repeat for two more sets



8 rounds

2 minutes

        • 200m run
        • ME wall balls (20/14)

– 1 minute rest between rounds

IMG_4463matching unis!

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2 Responses to 2014.08.01

  1. JJ Christopher

    whew! das a lot of wall balls….

  2. Pressing Buddah

    UHHH! you telling me that?!. Yep that was sure aaaaa lot.