Co-Ed Beach Volleyball TONIGHT – it’s PLAYOFF season, baby!

    • Division St. CrossFit (4-3) vs. Hard Sets (1-6) @ 6:30 pm on Court K1 at North Ave. Beach


15 min. to accumulate

    • 30 pistols (per leg)
    • 10 rope climbs

– read up on rope climb techniques prior to class



10 min. AMRAP

    • 5 deadlifts (225/155)
    • 10 push-ups
    • 20 double-unders
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18 Responses to 2014.07.31

  1. Hen Doggy

    I read this work out before i went to be last night, and proceeded to have nightmares about climbing rope…

    • Hen Doggy

      went to bed…

    • JJ Christopher

      jeez Hen Dogg….what time did you go to bed last night?!?!

      • Hen Doggy

        late, i can’t sleep until i know the work out the next day!

        • JJ Christopher

          you’re a good man, Hen Dogg

  2. Allison D

    Could somebody please give HenDogg an appropriate avatar?

    • Hen Doggy

      Where is your avatar?

      • Allison D

        I can’t commit to just one avatar

        • Hen Doggy


  3. JJ Christopher

    btw, this workout has everything:

    • pistols (lower body push, gymnastics, skill, balance)
    • rope climbs (lower body push, upper body pull, gymnastics, skill, technique)

    • deadlifts (full/lower body pull, strength)
    • push-ups (upper body push, gymnastics, beach muscles)
    • double-unders (cardio, skill)

    oh and i dropped some knowledge bombs on the noon class so i’m looking forward to doing the same to the evening classes. PLUS tons of scaling options for the pistols and rope climbs.

    ahhhhhhhhh i’m goin crazy over here! come get some!!

  4. Kyle Dart

    So Atlas just popped up on my Facebook with a coaches challenge. We watched Frank struggle through “murph” let’s get one of these things going for you guys. It would be a nice team building thing for the coaches. Double unders, burpees…. oh that’s niiiiiice.

    Can someone second?

    • JJ Christopher

      this is how people get banned from the blog

  5. Frances

    I’m genuinely sad-mad that I missed the knowledge bombs today.

    • JJ Christopher

      put the kids to bed early tonight and prepare to get your mind blown


      • Kyle Dart

        Did you know there was a 10 hour remix of that? Yes, T-E-N H-O-U-R-S. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDegqONhC5c

        • A Mobes

          did you know you both are posting the wrong version??

        • A Mobes

          OH!, and nice gravatar, Kyle.
          Mines better….

          • Kyle Dart

            ohhhh… dats handsome.