Monthly Archives: May 2014

Monthly Archives: May 2014


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Strength: 15 min. EMOM 1 power snatch + snatch @ 75% +/-5% 1 RM   Conditioning: 1,000m row 21 deadlifts (225/155) 21 handstand push-ups 500m row 15 deadlifts (225/155) 15 handstand push-ups 250m row 9 deadlifts (225/155) 9 handstand push-ups


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Congratulations to our Division St. CrossFit Co-Ed Volleyball team on their first win of the season! The combination of Mandi, Adam, Eric, Will, Trevor, Kate, Tessie, and Jen won the third game 26-24 after coming back from a 13-22 deficit. Congratulations as well to Tessie for being last night’s MVP and Will for being named Most Extreme Diver. Strength: front squat 1 RM   Conditioning: 50 air squats 400m run 30 kettlebell snatches (53/35, sub: single-arm russian kettlebell swings) – …


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Don’t forget: DSCF Co-Ed Beach Volleyball starts tonight! 6:30 pm on Court 3 at North Ave. Beach Good luck and crush it out there! Strength: 4 rounds 40 sec. ME strict pull-ups 20 sec. rest 40 sec. ME muscle-up transitions (sub: ring rows) 20 sec. rest 40 sec. ME push-ups (or ring dips, if rings are available) 20 sec. rest – rotate quickly between stations   Conditioning: 400m run 40 hang power cleans (95/65) 40 wall balls (20/14) 200m run …

Do Division Street Fest 2014 (5/30-6/1)

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Do Division Street Fest is this weekend!   Last year we had a great time performing partner workouts for the public. This year we would simply like to offer up the gym to you, our members, as an oasis from the street festivities.   Classes will run as scheduled but we will remain open throughout the early afternoon on both Saturday and Sunday. Bring your friends and family to see your gym and meet your coaches as we talk to …


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Strength: press starting with an empty bar and using no more than 10 lb jumps on sets of 8, work up to an 8 RM THEN push press starting with an empty bar and using no more than 10 lb jumps on sets of 8, work up to an 8 RM – for both lifts this means perform 8 repetitions with an empty bar, add weight, perform 8 repetitions, add weight, perform 8 repetitions, etc. until an 8 repetition maximum …


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Strength: back squat 5 RM   Conditioning: 21 power snatches (115/75) 21 pull-ups 15 overhead squats (135/95) 15 pull-ups 9 snatches (155/105) 9 pull-ups


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Memorial Day Meats & Metal ft. Cakes & Curls Schedule of events: 11:00 am – Metal CrossFit Total 1 RM back squat 1 RM press 1 RM deadlift 12:45 pm – Curls 1:00 pm – Cakes 1:05 pm – Meat   BYOB(eer), BYOM(eat), BYOC(akes), BYOP(uppies), BYOB(abies), BYOE(rrthang)


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Open Gym: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm FREE Trial CrossFit Class: 11:30 am – 12:15 pm


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Strength: superset deadlift 4×6 @ 75% 1 RM 1xME @ 75% 1 RM handstand push-ups 5xME   Conditioning: 14 min. AMRAP ME unbroken front squats (185/125) 200m run 10 hand-release push-ups


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Reminder: Get your Progenex pre-orders in by today and save yourself some CA$H. Strength: superset back-rack weighted walking lunges 5×10 steps down and back – starting at the rig, take a bar from the rack on your back and walk 10 lunges south, turn around and lunge back to the rig – increase the weight each time. get heavy. get shaky. don’t be a baby. bent-over barbell rows 5×10 – increase the weight each time   Conditioning: 5 rounds …