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Monthly Archives: April 2014


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Strength: deadlift 2×2 @ 90% 1 RM 1xME @ 75% 1 RM   Conditioning: 7 rounds 7 push jerks (155/105) 7 toes-to-bar 7 burpees

CrossFit Games North Central Regionals (5/9 – 5/11)

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The CrossFit Games North Central Regionals will be hosted in Chicago next weekend (Fri. 5/9 – Sun. 5/11)!   Join Coaches Lucas and Dan as they lead a group to check out the action at Navy Pier. This is a very unique experience and we’re lucky to live in the city playing host to some of top athletes in our region (and nation!). If you’ve never been to Regionals before it’s definitely worth attending.   If interested, don your favorite …


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Strength: back squat 1 RM   Conditioning: 10 min. 100 double-unders (2 min. cap) then AMRAP 30 kettlebell swings (53/35) 20 box jumps (24/20) 10 ring dips


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Strength: clean + front squat + jerk 15 min. to build up to a heavy set   Conditioning: 1,000m row time trial 15 handstand push-ups 21 chest-to-bar pull-ups (strict and/or hardest scale pull-ups) 500m row time trial 12 handstand push-ups 15 chest-to-bar pull-ups (strict and/or hardest scale pull-ups) 250m row time trial 9 handstand push-ups 9 chest-to-bar pull-ups (strict and/or hardest scale pull-ups) – take as much time as necessary between row time trials – break up HSPUs and pull-ups …


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Yoga: 10:00 – 11:00 am Open Gym: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm FREE Trial CrossFit Class: 11:30 am – 12:15 pm


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Conditioning: Partner “Kelly” 5 rounds 400m run together 60 wall balls (20/14), throwing the ball to each other off the wall 60 box jumps (24/20), alternating jumps


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ATTENTION: We regret to announce that this Sunday will be Lisa’s last yoga class with us due to her upcoming summer schedule. So, come out for one last class and thank her for joining us! Look for an announcement regarding the future status of yoga early next week. Strength: press 5×5 – use consistent or increasing weights across the work sets   front, lateral, and bent-over rear delt raises 3×10+ (aim for at least 10 reps but no more than …

Good luck at THE EVENT, Coach Lucas!

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Coach Lucas will be competing as an individual at THE EVENT in Bloomington, IL this Saturday, April 26 at Fit Bodies CrossFit. Wish him luck in the comments below and at class tonight!   Here are the individual workouts: WOD 1 5 rounds (8 min. cap) 5 deadlifts (275/185) 7 box overs (24/20) 9 wall balls (20/14)   WOD 2 aka Siberian Express 10 min. AMRAP 0:00 – 4:00: 600m row then ME toes-to-bar 4:00 – 7:00: 400m row then …


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Strength: clean & jerk 15 minutes to work up to a heavy single   rest 5 minutes and reduce barbell weight to 70% of heavy single c&j   Conditioning: 2 rounds 30 seconds ME power cleans @ 70% heavy single c&j 60 seconds rest 30 seconds ME front squats @ 70% heavy single c&j 60 seconds rest 30 seconds ME jerks (push or split) @ 70% heavy single c&j 60 seconds rest   rest 1 minute   1 mile run …

Tough Mudder (5/10-5/11)

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If you’re interested in getting into the Obstacle Course Racing game, the Tough Mudder is a GREAT place to start. It’s untimed so it’s NOT a race….it’s a CHALLENGE! Sign up with your friends and stick together throughout to help each other out. With your racing buddies and your CrossFit training, you’ll show this course that you’re more than tough enough! Details: Saturday, May 10 (92% sold out already) and Sunday, May 11 Richmond Hunting Club 5016 Illinois Route 173 …