Class Sign-Up Policy

Recently, we’ve seen a good number of completely booked classes – AWESOME!

Unfortunately, we’ve seen a lot of these same classes wind up half-full – not as awesome.


We don’t want to have to institute a cancellation policy BUT we do want to make sure that members are able to attend classes when desired.

Please do your best to follow these guidelines:

    • sign up for class in advance
    • cancel yourself out of class when you know you are unable to attend
    • be on time (read: early)
    • if you are able to secure a waitlist spot, you may still show up for class
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6 Responses to Class Sign-Up Policy

  1. BIG

    whoa whoa whoa. who do you think you are, jj? the boss of this place? talk about #powertrip

  2. Kyle Dart

    Yeah JJ, you hit 30 and you start acting like an old man yelling at the kids to stay off your lawn. Nobody wants to go on your lawn JJ! It’s just to fastest way to the playground. Now drink your ensure, cover up with your afghan, and turn on perry mason.

    • JJ Christopher

      i prefer murder she wrote re-runs, thank you very much.

      • Sam C


        • JJ Christopher


  3. Kyle Dart

    That Angela has a nice caboose. Don’t try telling me she hasn’t done a squat or two. Amirite!?