What To Expect From Your CrossFit Training Experience

Hey DSCF –

I included the below information on what to expect when beginning CrossFit in our latest On-Ramp graduation email. For beginners and veterans alike, please take a read as I think we all need a reminder every now and then.

Feel free to chime in with thoughts from your experience. This will hold a permanent place somewhere on the site for future On-Ramp graduates’ reference.

Hope this helps!


To further prepare you for our strength and conditioning classes, there are few things to keep in mind as you begin your training:

    • You will be challenged – CrossFit is demanding but we always scale down to your current fitness and skill levels.
    • There is a learning curve – Many, if not all, of the movements and nomenclature you learned in On-Ramp may be new to you. It will take time to become comfortable and fluent with both. (You can brush up on your lingo here: http://www.divisionstcrossfit.com/crossfit-glossary/)
    • Be patient with your expectations on results – For most rigorous training regimens, CrossFit or otherwise, it may take up to 12 weeks to notice whole scale adaptations in your body. But if you put in the time and the work, you will SEE and, more importantly, FEEL the results.
    • Prepare to humbled at times – We ALL (even the most experienced) have our off-days. Weights will feel heavy, your body will feel sluggish, and all eyes will feel like they are on you…. Yet no one will judge you since we’ve been there before; we’re in this together! Don’t get discouraged; tomorrow will be your day!
    • Celebrate your achievements – Big or small, be proud of your accomplishments. You’ve done something you’ve never done before. Think about how awesome that is!
    • If something doesn’t feel right, STOP – Above all, this is your workout. Only you know how something feels. If a movement causes you issues, speak to your coach before continuing.

In addition to what you should keep in mind throughout your experience, we have some expectations for our athletes as well as what you should expect from us.

You will be expected to:

    • Arrive on time – “If you’re on time, you’re late” so try to show up 5-10 minutes prior to the beginning of class.
    • Come prepared to work – You will be expected to be ready to work by the beginning of class. If you are particularly stiff anywhere, show up early to stretch yourself out. While we do movement-specific warm-ups, we might not hit your tight spot.
    • Mentally prepare yourself – The WODs are posted at midnight each night so check the blog daily to see which movements will be included in your workouts. We will review the movements briefly in class but if you are not sure what they are, look them up prior to class!

You should expect us to:

    • Provide answers – If you want to know the whats and whys about CrossFit, movements, workouts, etc, just ask. If you are not satisfied or we are not sure how to answer appropriately, we will get back to you.
    • Watch you closely – If you would like your coach to watch you perform a particular movement or check your technique on a lift, ask them to watch you and provide feedback.
    • Keep you safe – The last thing we want to see is an injury so expect that everything we have you do is done with your safety as our number one priority.

Last but not least….HAVE FUN! CrossFit’s group-training program is meant to provide an enjoyable, comfortable, yet mutually-challenging environment for you to increase your fitness level. Let’s keep it that way!

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  1. Kevin Davis

    Patient is my main weakness. I know I over do it sometimes. But I have my humble hat on and ready to work.