How to Tie Your Shoes: Lock Lacing and the Ian Knot

Lock Lacing

Lock Lacing is a simple way to adjust the way you tie your shoes to create a tight finish to your lacing to prevent heel slippage.

Here is how it’s done:

1. Lace the shoe up to the second-to-the-top eyelet.

2. Skipping the “popular” eyelet, the highest one, continue running the end of the lace on the outside of the shoe into the very last eyelet on the same side. This will create a loop.

a. This eyelet is the one that sits all the way back. The one everyone doesn’t know what to do about.

Lock Lacing 1

3. Feed the laces through the loops you just created on the opposite side.

Lock Lacing 2

4. Pull the ends of the laces away from the tongue, one at a time, to tighten the fit around the ankle.

Lock Lacing 3

5. Tie your shoes as you normally would.

– The advantage of this lacing is that you can tie your shoes fairly loosely up the length of the foot and finish with lock lacing to ensure a secure fit. You no longer have to worry about the laces being tight all the way up and your foot going numb.


Ian Knot

If you’re tying your shoes with a “granny knot”, “bunny ears”, or the “loop, swoop, and pull” method, you should try this method out. Once learned, it’s super fast and will NEVER come undone unless pulled or snagged. This revolutionized my shoe tying years ago. Don’t be put off by the detailed instructions! It’s super easy once you get it.

Here is how it’s done:

1. Start your knot as you normally would by guiding one lace over and through the other, pulling the ends out to lay the laces down on the tongue.

Ian Knot 1

2. Fold the right lace over your thumb and pinch the loose end with your index finger. The loose end will lead away from you.

3. Fold the left lace over your index finger and pinch the loose end with your thumb. The loose end will lead toward you.

Ian Knot 2

4. Here’s the tricky part: With the two loops you’ve just created, pull the loose ends through the opposite loop at the same time.

a. Push the right lace through the left loop using your index finger.

b. Push the left lace through the right loop using your thumb.

5. Once you’ve pushed the laces through the opposite loops, grab the loose ends coming from the opposite side. This means you’ll have to let go of the loops you’ve created.

Ian Knot 3

Ian Knot 4

6. Now just simultaneously pull the loose ends until a bow is formed!

Ian Knot 5

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