Rope Climb Technique

If you haven’t noticed yet, we have acquired two new ropes for climbing which we’ll start to incorporate into metcons and potentially during our strength training portions as part of technique training. Before doing so, please start to look at rope climbing techniques and progressions so you have an idea of what to expect.

Here are some rope climbing progression videos by Carl Paoli which will help get you started:

Rope Climb Progression Pt. 1

Rope Climb Progression Pt. 2

Rope Climb Progression Pt. 3

Rope Climb Progression Pt. 4

Rope Climb Progression Pt. 5

Rope Climb Progression Pt. 6

Rope Climb Progression Pt. 7

Rope Climb Progression Pt. 8


Wrap variations:

Spanish Wrap (Pts. 1, 2, 3 above)/S-Wrap

  1. Stand with the rope hanging between the legs
  2. Kick the dominant leg forward and parallel with the ground
  3. Turn the leg inward then toward the body
  4. Wrap the foot around to the outside
  5. With the non-dominant leg’s foot, clamp the rope on top of the dominant foot

Russian Wrap

  1. Raise the non-dominant knee up such the femur is parallel to the ground with the rope on the outside of the body
  2. Keeping the rope on the outside of the foot in flexed position, slide the knee to the outside of the rope such that the rope is sitting along the inside of the knee
  3. Hold the rope high overhead
  4. With the dominant foot, fold the rope up, over, and on top of the non-dominant foot
    • With this wrap, you kick out instead of stand up as in the Spanish Wrap

J Hook

  1. Stand with the rope hanging between the legs
  2. Let the rope lay across the top of the non-dominant leg’s foot from the inside to the outside
  3. Kick the dominant leg’s foot forward and clamp the rope to the top of the non-dominant foot (the rope should be wrapped around the dominant foot’s heel)
    • With this wrap, release the clamp, draw the knees up and out, reclamp, kick down to stand up and reach higher


Ascending the rope:

  1. Kick, wrap, kick with the dominant leg
  2. Arms up overhead to grab the rope
  3. Clamp the rope with the other foot
  4. Stand tall by pulling in and bringing the hips to the rope
  5. Reach up overhead
  6. Pull the dominant leg’s knee up and tuck the foot under the butt
  7. Kick out in front of you, reclamp with the opposite foot (Step 3) and stand up again (Step 4), etc. etc.

Descending the rope:

  1. While remaining clamped, walk the hands down to sit on the heels
  2. Drop the legs
  3. Wrap and reclamp
  4. Repeat
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