Coach Jess on: The CF Games Open

If you missed what Coach Jess said about competing in the CF Games Open and the DSCF Intra-box Competition, check it out below. She raises some really great points – especially about not letting yourself regret getting in on the fun. We’ll be completing the WODs in class on Thursdays anyway, so there’s no excuse not to join!

And don’t forget to sign up for the intrabox competition AND/OR the CF GAMES OPENS…it is for EVERYONE!
No better way to be accountable for five weeks than this! Here are some reasons you should absolutely do this!

1.) MOTIVATION. Each week for five weeks you’ll be accountable to do a WOD at max effort! Knowing these WODs are coming will give you extra intensity the rest of the week, promise!

2.) INCLUSIVE. The past two years CrossFit has made quite a buzz, this year is going to be 10x that…you’ll regret not being a part of it! The whole world has the opportunity to compete…how awesome will it be to compare your scores to others from boxes around Chicago, other US boxes and internationally… Italy, China, Australia, Africa ..etc!

3.) PROGRAMMED. DSCF is going to program this WOD each week anyway to be done in class so why not make it official and sign up…whether officially online and/or through DSCF intrabox competition!

4.) RESULTS! You have no idea what you’re capable of and we promise you will surprise yourself. The energy over these 5 weeks brings out something extra in everyone, you’ll see!

5.) COMMUNITY. The biggest draw to CrossFit is its community and the DSCF family is amazing. And this is everyone’s favorite time to bond together and support one another and make eachother better.

6.) INSPIRATION. Do you enjoy watching firebreathers? There will be amazing performances by more experienced crossfitters AND new crossfitters that will make you shout, jump, celebrate, cry…you name it. You will be inspired and motivated by some stand-up performances. People getting their first double-under, pullup, muscle-up just MINUTES before the WOD or even during the WOD. How cool is that.

7.) NO REGRETS. Think about your fellow crossfitters who are unable to compete because they are injured or sidelined for some reason. They’d kill to be healthy and compete!

8.) FUN! It’s going to be a blast and don’t make us tell you “I told you so”…just jump in and see what happens.

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